Father and Son Series: Love

Father and Son Series: Love

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Son: What is love?Father: You will understand it once you reach your puberty

Son: But i want to know it now?

Father: But you are not still old enough to participitate in it.Why bother?

Son: My teacher told me to love all!

Father: Yes, ask her did she hear of something called HIV.

Son: What?

Father: Forget it, go bug your mom. Ask her, what is love?

Son: I asked. She said that its about faking the letter O to make YOU happy.

Father:What? Did she say that?

Son: Yes daddy she said faking O. What is faking O?

Father:Well you don’t want to know it. You will be happy without knowing that. In some cases Ignorance is a bliss.

Son: Any other question?

Father:Yes, when will get the brother Mom promised. We are working on that.

Son: Can you hurry up?

Father: Your Mom doesn’t like if I hurry up.

Son: I will tell Mom to hurry up too.

Father: Yes please do. You will get a brother quick then and I will get some sleep.Son: Why does Mom sleep during the day?Father: Because she is very active at night son.Son: Doing what?

Father: She is working hard to get you a brother.

Son: Can I help you?

Father: Yes you can help by going to sleep early.

Son: Can I film the process? I want to become a director?

Father: No your mom doesn't even allow me to film. I don't know what kind of director you would become if you make these kind of films.

Son: What is the name of my brother?

Father: We will name him after he is born.

Son: Why?

Father: We only recognize our sins once they are done son.

Son: Okk!! I want a sister too.

Father: Ok!! We will get you one.

Son: When?

Father: Look Kid!! Why don’t just make some friends. If you get siblings you will have to share your toys and food. You might have to go hungry to bed and you will find your sibling sleeping on your bed. He might bully you and hit on your girlfriend. Why do you need it?

Son: Because everyone has it.

Father: Everyone has a sexy wife, do I complain. Everyone has a son who is fast asleep at 1:00 am instead of bugging his father with questions. Do I complain?

Son: Why are getting angry?

Father: Look I have make love to your Mother and I so don’t want to.

Son: Then tell our neighbor to share his love with her. My teacher told  ’Love your Neighbor’

Father: I wish we could swap love with our neighbor and if we would have done that , may be you would have born there and there nice mute kid here.

Son (crying): You don’t love me.

Father: I do, I do. How old is your teacher?

Son: She is just out of college.

Father: I need to discuss about Love to her!!!

Son: Yes Daddy.

Father: Don’t tell your Mom!! Ok! if your teacher helps then may be we will get a brother more handsome than you are. It's our little secret.

Son: Ok!!

Father: I love you.

Son: I love you too!!

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5m Comedy Skits - Father and Son Series: Love