Eve and Apple

Eve and Apple

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Serpent: Hi! There, you are sitting alone. Can I get you some nectar?

Eve: No. I am fine.

Serpent: Can I sit next to you? Can I get you some nectar? Bartendar, two nectars please.

Eve: Ha Ha Ha!! There is no one here. You are so funny. But, no. Adam has told you not to talk to you.

Serpent: So you are afraid of Adam!

Eve: No. I am not afraid of anyone. You can sit wherever you want, but I am
not going to talk to you.

Serpent: Ok. (Sigh). I thought you would be unprejudiced.

Eve: What do you mean? I am unprejudiced.

Serpent: Then why do you avoid talking to me. I need a chance to defend myself. And someone as beautiful,smart and just like you is someone I would turn to. Not to Adam.

Eve: Don't talk bad about Adam?

Serpent: Sorry. It is just that he always listens to God and does what God says. I see you alone , so many times, I feel bad for you.

Eve: Awww!! Don't feel bad. I am ok.It's just that ..

Serpent: What?

Eve: I need someone to talk too for a few hours and all Adam wants to is to gather fruits, gooseberries and talk to God.

Serpent: So sad!!

Eve: I cook, clean and look at these clothes. I made them.

Serpent: Wow!! You are so smart , so beautiful. I was so wrong about you. You are just and wise.

Eve: Thanks. I wish Adam also thinks like you.

Serpent: He would but not if you are so nice. Niceness doesn't always work, you see. You need to be naughty sometime ..

Eve: What?

Serpent: See I wanted pay God a surprise visit to FINISH some business and so I tried to climb from the window.I slipped I fell. I had a knife in my hand , they thought I wanted murder God. No I was just to cut a cake in all his glory.
I became the Fallen Angel. But I like my naughtiness.., I laugh when I see
the bewilderement on God's face when he sees me.

Eve: Sounds Cool. You are a cool guy!!

Serpent: You can be cool too. Just break the rules. Do the forbidden? Get respect become Adam's equal.

Eve: I am HIS equal. What do you mean?

Serpent:Well not , there are three people on this earth.Us and Adam. I am a snake my vote doesn't count, you can't vote for yourself and Adam calls you a 'Agony Aunt'.

Eve: No he doesn't. Better not.

Serpent: No I heard it with my ears. God was laughing at that too!!

Eve: Adam said that , I am not going to talk to him ever

Serpent: But that won't solve the problem, you need to do the forbidden.

Eve: I just know what to do? God and Adam told ME not to eat the apple.

Serpent:TOLD you, as if you are their slave.

Eve: I am going to eat it. Even the seeds.

Serpent: Well nothing wrong in having a bite.

Eve: Yes. I need to find it.

Serpent: It's here.

Eve: You are so sweet. A real gentelman. You know how to treat a lady.

(Eve takes a bite)

Eve: Wow!!

Serpent: Good. Good. Now make Adam eat it too.

Eve: Why?

Serpent: Then he won't scold you for eating it. And if there is any punishment even he has to share it as your buddy. Right. Isn't that fair?


(OK bye)

(Eve is all looking hot)

Adam: What happened?

Eve: Nothing

Adam: You look changed.

Eve: Open your month

Adam: What for?

Eve: Just open it and take a bite of what I give. Don't forget to close your eyes.

Adam: No.

Eve: We need to talk then.

Adam: Ok. Make me eat anything.

(Eats it)

Adam: What's this? I told you. God told you, not to eat it.

Eve: And I did. Am I not brave.

Adam: I am feeling something. I need to talk to God.

Eve: Look at me , look at my curves. What is there in the shapeless and formless thing.

Adam: I am having a strange feeling in my ...

( Lets not make a porn story out of our ancestors)

Some where in future..

Eve:You are not doing well. Its not the same like last night.

Adam: I need proteins. God!! Fuck!! where are the animals you promised. Somebody listening .. I am not sure where God is. Didn't see him since we ate that apple.

Eve(Lustily): You don't regret. Do you?

Adam (Smiling): Never. How did you think of it?

Eve: I am a genius.

Adam: You are. You are.

Eve: Let's talk now.

Adam: No!!

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