Brand New Car

Brand New Car

(5m)   by Lenard

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A customer parks a brand new car outside a mechanic shop and goes inside.

Mechanic: Good day to you, sir.

Customer: I wish it was, I really do.

Mechanic: And what seems to be the problem?

Customer: My new car is all messed up. The engine is missing.

Mechanic: What do you have out there?

Customer: It’s one of those new fiats. And the engine is missing.

Mechanic: Well it’s either that or maybe it is in the back.

Customer: In the trunk?

Mechanic: Yeah, just think about it. If it was missing you wouldn’t be able to drive at all, right?

Customer: Yeah, you’re right.

Mechanic: Let’s go see.

They go out to look at the car. Customer pops the trunk.

Mechanic: There you go. It was there all the time. Nothing to worry about.

Customer: I’ll be damned. Where is the trunk then?

Mechanic: Well it’s at the front.

Customer: That’s going to be confusing now.

Mechanic: I believe you'll figure it out. Anything else?

Customer: Also the gas mileage. It isn’t what they advertised. It’s supposed to go about 40 miles per gallon.

Mechanic: How much you’re getting?

Customer: About 10.

Mechanic: Yeah that is slightly off. Let me take a look.

Mechanic (looking): Ah there we go, your hand brake was engaged.

Customer: Wow, is that something bad?

Mechanic: Only if you do it. Now let me put it down for you.

Customer: So every time when I want to save money I put it down?

Mechanic: Well that’s one way of looking at it, but here my advice; you leave it down and never touch it again as long as you live.

Customer: Got it. So my car is ready?

Mechanic: I don’t see why not, it is brand new car. The only thing it is missing is the wipers.

Customer: Oh, that was me, I only use them when it’s raining, make them last longer.

Mechanic: Smart man. In that case you’re good to go.

Customer: How much do I owe you?

Mechanic: It’s free. I'll tel you what, I want you to use that money to buy a book, ok. It’s called common sense for beginners. Will you do that for me.

Customer: I will. Good bye.

Mechanic: Bye. 

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