Bethica Brune: The Stall in the Girls' Bathroom

Bethica Brune: The Stall in the Girls' Bathroom

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Bethica: There's this stall in the girls' bathroom that no one uses. It's never been flushed...or cleaned...or looked at. Maybe that explaines why poop is still swimming around in there...anyways, my school is ridiculous. It only has 8 bathrooms in total. 4 for the guys and four for the girls; 2 per grade level. That explains why every freshmen girl hates the bathrooms, ahem, bathroom.

Thursday: 1:45 p.m.: Hallway

(Arnold, Bethica and Lueanne stands infront of Bethica's locker)

Arnold: why do you look like that?

Lueanne: because I really have to use the bathroom.

Arnold: then why don't you go?

Lueanne: There's only one bathroom for freshman. And I wouldn't dare going in there. No one wants to go in there.

Arnold: is it because of that stall? Why don't you just use the sophmore bathroom?

Lueanne: because it's a sophmore bathroom!

Arnold: Sneak in, what are they gonna do? Throw you out?

Lueanne: Yes, that's exactly what they're gonna do!

Bethica: You just don't understand, Arnold...

Arnold: I understand perfectly. I don't get why any of you couldn't just flush the dang toilet.

Lueanne: No one wants to flush the toilet!

Arnold: so you have to be like everyone else?

Lueanne: (sighs) C'mon Bethica...

1:47: Freshman Girls' Bathroom

(Lueannes stares at The Stall)

Bethica: well?

Lueanne: will you come with me?

Bethica: wha-what? No! Go! Pee like you've never peed before!

Lueanne: I can't!

Bethica: Your wasting my time! Look, your not even using The Stall.

Lueanne: But I'm in the same room as The Stall. (suddenly stops)

Bethica: What?

Lueanne: Didi you hear something?

Bethica: No...

Lueanne: Look in The Stall.

Bethica: Why?

Lueanne: Just check The Stall!

Bthica: Ok, I'll check The Stall! (she checks The Stall) Oh my God! Ew!

Lueanne: What?!

Bethica: There's more! Lueanne, there's more!

Lueanne: (checks The Stall) Gross! Somehow more poop is in the toilet!

Bethica: Whoever's doing this is beyond disgusting! Lueanne, we're leaving!

Lueanne: But I have to pee!

Bethica: There's always outside...

Lueanne: what about toilet paper?

Bethica: Well, there's always the leaves...



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Submitted by Elizabeth (not verified) on Wed, 04/25/2012 - 16:08
I have a thing at school? Mind if I use this? It's perfect.
Submitted by Sam (not verified) on Tue, 07/03/2012 - 06:02
Disgusting if anybody does like this..!!

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