Bathroom Incident

Bathroom Incident

(2.5m)   by saqibghuman

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Saqib: (in the bathroom)

Mike: (sitting on couch)

Saqib: (Flips page of magazine)

Mike: What is he doing in the bathroom? Its been like 20 minutes

Saqib: OMG!! (tries to contain himself) 

Mike: Whats happening in there? 

Saqib: OMG Taylor Swift is single!!!

Mike: Hurry up! I need to use the bathroom

Saqib: (toilet flush, washing hands) 

Mike: (walking towards bathroom)

Saqib: (opens door)

Mike: Oh hey your finally done

Saqib: Yep, its all yours

Mike: Seriously what were you doing in there? I don't wanna clean your mess up

Saqib: C'mon its not like that

Mike: It better not be. Whats that magazine behind ur back?

Saqib: What magazine???

Mike: The one your hiding behind your back.

Saqib: Oh this. Its nothing, just a  gossip/teen magazine.

Mike: You're kidding right? I thought you were doing something totally different in there.

Saqib: Like what?

Mike: Never mind. I don't think I need to use the bathroom anymore.

Saqib: (closing shot, fading black. Characters walking together) Hey did you know, Taylor Swift is single!

Mike: Wait, thats what you were doing in there.

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New skit Two people Bathroom, hallways Close ups Mid shots Long shots Magazine Hands Bathroom interior Starts off by shot of the bathroom door. And weed sounds coming from the bathroom. Then second person gets up off couch and walks towards bathroom. Before he reaches bathroom occupant is opening the door. They both meet at same point. They start the dialogue and questioning each other. Occupant accused of doing something he wasnt in the bathroom. And when he reveals what he was doing, his friend tells him that's worse than what I thought you were doing. Saqib Ghuman

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Submitted by Eye-ma Righter (not verified) on Fri, 01/20/2012 - 13:29
hey, nice idea, but you give the punchline away when you say "Person 1: OMG Taylor Swift is single!!! (realizes he yelled)" in the 6th line. Save it for the end, you want to build it inappropriately, but you give away the joke too early to make that clear. I would also give the characters names to make it less confusing. But nice idea.
Submitted by Jade (not verified) on Fri, 03/02/2012 - 06:15
Hmm cool but it didnt make sense

2.5m Comedy Skits - Bathroom Incident