Ant and Anteater

Ant and Anteater

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Ant: Do you only eat Ants or you are in to some new Weight Loss Program?

Ant Eater: I don't have a choice. I am called an Ant Eater for a reason. Though I snack on termites
some time.

Ant: But I see you feeding on our colony many a times and never on that termite colony.

Ant Eater: I have a preference for ants. But I won't eat you, you are my friend.

Ant: Did you try anything other than ant or termite.

Ant Eater: I tried but I could not.

Ant: What did you try to eat?

Ant Eater: Roaches.

Ant: Yikes. Is that all you do , sleep and eat ants.

Ant Eater: Yes. What else should I do?

Ant: Find some purpose in life.

Ant Eater: Please don't talk like my girlfriend.

Ant: Why?

Ant Eater: She left me saying I am boring. She left me for a guy who said that his purpose in life
was to find the Flying Ants. She found the concept of catching and eating flying ants more challenging.

Ant: Didn't know ants could fly?

Ant Eater: Why would I make my survival difficult by chasing flying ants? Makes no sense.

Ant: So what now? Have you thought of your future.

Ant Eater: Yes tomorrow I am going to sleep on that tree. Gives a nice view.

Ant: Look at us ants. We work hard, store food for our colony and all you do is sleep and eat us.

Ant Eater: I mean what else do you expect me to do. Tell me.

Ant: Eat termites and help our colony to gather food. Be one amongst us and protect us from termites.

Ant Eater: See I like eating ants, I don't have a choice.

Ant: Stop acting like a kid. How old are you?

Ant Eater:3 years.

Ant: You are an adult. You are responsible for the genocide.

Ant Eater: What genocide?

Ant: You eat about 30000 ants a day. You are responsible for so many deaths.

Ant Eater: Look that is my daily calorie intake , I would die without it.

Ant: Why don't you go to some zoo? They will give you special Ant Eater pellets. At least you won't
be killing anyoner.

Ant Eater: There is no freedom in zoo. Why don't you people build an ant hill in zoo.

Ant: The zoo doesn't want ants. No one wants ants. If people see ant hills they put the water hose down the hill.
If there is no water then there is yellow rain. You don't want to face yellow rain. It's toxic.

Ant Eater: So what's the point of your existence. It is fine then for me to eat you all.

Ant: Whether there is any point in my existence or not, I have a goal. I want to support my queen.

Ant Eater: See all you do is work. None of you are allowed to have girlfriends. Is it a life worth living?
Every Ant is living for another , so no one is living life. It is better I eat you and stop the misery.

Ant: What so you do? You roam alone , no companionship. I think that is more miserable.

Ant Eater: You know what, you have ruined my appetite and you bored me. I am going to eat you now.

Ant: What?

Ant Eater: No, I am kidding. Come I will try to eat a few termites? That will cheer you up. You know an ant is a simple creature, just proteins.
But an ant eater is the most complex mammal. Every day I have to make a choice which has two options - Ant and Termite.
That is very demanding. Let's go.

Ant: Ok Friend. An enemy's enemy is a friend. So in reality an ant and ant eater are friends.

Ant Eater: But the same thing can be said by termites. As you are their enemy and I am your enemy and so I become their friend.

Ant: You want to trust those people who eat up the very house which shelters them. They are traitors..

Ant Eater: okk!! Lets go.

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