A Song About Bongo Land

A Song About Bongo Land

(3m)   by k.r.johnson

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This song is really about David Little and Godfrey Bloom, who wish to inform the electorate of how well acquainted they are with the few charms of a generic African country. No specific tune. A song about Bongo Land

I want to go back to Bongo Land,
To the banyan trees and the desert sand
And the dusky maidens walk hand in hand
Right there in Bongo Land.

Bongo Land, Bongo Land,
How beautiful the place looks,
Where the white sharks fly through the deep blue sky,
And the government are crooks.

I shall sail the seas to Bongo Land,
Where there's curried goat in the frying pans,
All the vultures stand in the canyons grand,
With the folk in Bongo Land.

Bongo Land, Bongo Land,
On the Mediterranean Sea,
Where they sail a boat that can hardly float
'Till they're rescued by the Navy. [ <-- stress the 'y' of 'Navy']

[Middle eight]
The British speak of foreign aid, we listen and we pounce,
We stash the loot in Switzerland, in numbered bank accounts.

Bongo Land, Bongo Land,
Where the sun is hot and bright,
Or the ice cold winds kill the tamarinds,
'Cause it's freezing cold at night.

Goin' to take a plane to Bongo Land,
Where the pigs are sacred and cows are banned,
While the chickens cluck and the tourists fuck,
I'm in love with Bongo Land.

Bongo Land, Bongo Land,
The hotel has food and bedding,
Any mutineer will disappear,
When the army kicks their head in.

In Bongo Land we have lots of room
For David Little and Godfrey Bloom,
They can take a stance on immigrants,
From the towns of Bongo Land.

Bongo Land, Bongo Land,
Where the church bells chime and clang,
Where the bullets spray as they ricochet,
And the roadside bombs go bang.

Bongo Land, Bongo Land,
It's the only place for me,
I'll be half asleep 'cause the drugs are cheap
That's the place I want to be,
That's the place I want to be.

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Author's Message

This song is about Bongo Land, a generic and fictitious African country to which British politicians refer when they want to make derogatory remarks about an African country and its people. Recently Godfrey Little and David Bloom have talked about "Bongo Land" and feigned surprise when their audience took exception to their asinine, patronising nonsense. Years ago George Brown referred to the President (or possibly the Ambassador, I can't remember) of Bangladesh as being "from Bongo Bongo Land." So the place is well known among our ruling class. I don't have a well known tune in mind so feel free to make your own tune up, or ask me and I'll sing it to you.

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