The Baffling F Word

The Baffling F Word

(1m)   by the.designer

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When you're on a street and you hear the word "F you", You'll immediately feel the flight response.

"Oops something's bad is about to happen. I need to hurry. "

"Oh no there's a fight, I need to move , I don't want to get involve. "

What we've felt is genuine fear.

But in a comedy bar, a comedian has all the privilege to say it.

And it makes people laugh.


F this.

F that.

Mother F eR...

It doesn't make any sense at all!!!

What's going on with the society.

I would laugh if they say F, say , in a minute silence. It can surprise us.

But no , some comedian will use it on the lamest sentence possible.

What the F is that!

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Submitted by Giorgio on Sun, 06/14/2015 - 13:54
Interesting :)

1m Comedy Monologues - The Baffling F Word