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That time of the year has passed; you know that time, that lovely time where there is an annual renewal of the family feud so you don?t have to bother with them for the whole year. The time where you get into debt just so you have the motivation to work and keep your job for another year. The time where people ask extraordinarily selfish requests and try to justify it by saying ?It?s Christmas.? Yes Christmas which is also the supposed celebration of the birth of Jesus ? who knew?

Yes it?s that infuriating attitude that people pick up in the Christmas season that makes them feel that they are entitled to ask of anything and it should be given to them. That annoys me more than anything in the world. Okay I can overlook some things but it?s not because it Christmas. At my place of work a customer asked the most time consuming, unnecessary and just plain anal request of me and these were her final words ?Oh come on, it?s Christmas.? Sorry to say, I completed this task for her but when I had finished serving her she complained that I was grumpy.

I?m sorry what did you expect.˜That the shitty Christmas carols playing on a never-ending loop on the store speakers and the bright tinsel and decorations would infuse within me some kind of saintly graciousness. You are sorely mistaken, I am going to grumble and grudgingly serve you with a massive frown on my face, it?s what I do every day of the year and some made up tradition that states I have to practice goodwill for a few weeks can go strangle itself, preferably with Christmas lights.

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Ever wonder why people are so selfish at Christmas

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Submitted by Lulu (not verified) on Tue, 12/17/2013 - 22:12
Great monologue! I performed it in my school christmas concert,
Submitted by Rob23 on Wed, 04/27/2016 - 15:38
This is brilliant.

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