young politician

young politician

(2m)   by gritt brewer

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YOUNG POLITICIAN: You wanted to see me boss?

PARTY LEADER: Yes I did, take a seat. I'll get straight to the point. I am not happy with your performance on the news this morning

YOUNG POLITICIAN: I am sorry, what seems to be the trouble?

PARTY LEADER: Your choice of words was not great as well as some other things.

YOUNG POLITICIAN: I was asked for my opinion and I duly obliged

PARTY LEADER: A bomb goes off on a commuter train and you are asked for a interview. You do not do the interview with a big red nose with your face painted and a wacky hat.

YOUNG POLITICIAN: But I was raising money for children in need

PARTY LEADER: I don't care, how are people going to take you seriously looking like that? All of which brings me on to your choice of words. When you condemn terrorists for bombing a commuter train, you label them as inhuman or barbaric, words that fully reflect their outrageous deed. you do not say they were very naughty

YOUNG POLITICIAN: Well I'm sorry but my granny always said people were naughty or bold when they done bad things. I thought that naughty was a better choice than bold in this case because bold might suggest they were in some way daring.

PARTY LEADER: For gods sake you are a young up and coming member of parliament, we don't care what your granny thinks, they didn't elect her.

YOUNG POLITICIAN: My granny was a wise woman

PARTY LEADER: I presume your description of the terrorists who carried out this atrocity as pesky is also courtesy of your wise old granny?

YOUNG POLITICIAN: It was a favorite word of hers. She used to call Hitler that pesky little German. He was really naughty

PARTY LEADER: Pesky is a dog that shits in your garden, It is not to be used to describe mass murderers

YOUNG POLITICIAN: I accept I might have used naughty and pesky in the wrong way, but the rest of the interview went alright.

PARTY LEADER: You said the bomb they used was ingenious while dressed as a circus act. How is that alright?

YOUNG POLITICIAN: It was two grams of high explosive hidden in a pair of earphones. That is definitely ingenious

PARTY LEADER: I don't care, you don't say well played, nice bomb, you simply condemn them, whoever they may be.

YOUNG POLITICIAN: Well I think I have a fair idea who was responsible, and I was not afraid of naming names and suggesting the best way of apprehending them

PARTY LEADER: Listen to me and listen good because I do not want to have to say this to you again. S.P.E.C.T.R.E. are not a real criminal organization and JAMES BOND is not a real person



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politicians should be made to dress up like clowns for interviews.that way even gullible people wouldn't believe a word they say

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2 Person 2m Comedy Skits - young politician