wilbur the wasp song

wilbur the wasp song

(1m)   by gritt brewer

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wilbur was a worthy wasp, felt his life was pathetic

was envious of the bees, and their ingrained work ethic

the bees were apollen bores, the poor wasp they disowned

always boasting about their honey, and on and on they'd drone


wilbur hatched a business plan, to make honey obsolete

get humankind to love the wasp, and disregard the bee

he thought honey looks like hard work, thats not in our remit

could enslave flys to be our worker guys, but man they smell of shit


for motivation sure aint the best in the wasp universe

its mostly mindless violence, and making crowds disperse

the vanity of women, was wilburs holy grail

bee stung lips were all the rage, wasp ones could'nt fail


he opened up in harley street, they queued around the block

half wits like posh spice, to the place did flock

the bees were all a jealous, when they saw the tills a ringing

that made wilbur most content, though his hole was sore from stinging

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used to think wasps made marmite and thats why they are so disliked

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1 Person 1m Comedy Skits - wilbur the wasp song