Wife Series: Robot Wife

Wife Series: Robot Wife

(2m)   by ballekumar

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Customer: What's this?

Salesman: She is a robot wife

Customer: Is she a real wife? I mean , you got it right?

Salesman: She does all that a human wife does and plus has none of the trappings of a wife!!

Customer: Like!!

Salesman: She doesn't nag! She doesn't age, unless you want her too!! No in-laws unless you want someone to babysit your child. She lets you go with friends. She hates advising anyone. She gets turned on by the mere idea of her husband sitting on a sofa with beer and watching soccer.

Customer: Wow! The person who came up with this must be a genius

Salesman: Yes, it was an idea of the great Japanese inventor FuckyWifay ShagaMuche. He wanted to divorce wife but could not afford a maid so he made a Robo Wife. His wife committed HARAKIRI, imagine his happiness.And you know what's astonishing is that she is programmed to say sorry when u say "shut up"!

Customer: My wife has never said sorry. Though she says she feels sorry to have married me. Wow. i want one, right now. Let me divorce my wife. Wait a sec ,let me call the lawyer.

Salesman: Yes and one small thing. i need to inform u as a legal technicality. In some rare case we have reports of technical breakdown.

Customer: Like what? She suddenly stops talking!

Salesman: Sir , you know in some vending machines if you put a quarter and sometimes the quarter gets stuck. You can't get it back. You will have to call the company and they have to tear apart the machine to get you one. The same kind of problem this robot wife has. Do u get it?

Customer: Oh!! Okk! I was just kidding. I love my wife. i dont want this robot. Bye!

Salesman: Sir, wait , we have Robot Husband too!! Do you want it? May be your wife needs it!! Ask her? Have my card atleast!!

(Turning to Robo Wife)

Salesman: You will always be mine. No one will buy you.

(Robo Wife smiles)

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2m Comedy Skits - Wife Series: Robot Wife