Wife Series: Dead Wife

Wife Series: Dead Wife

(5m)   by ballekumar

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Robert: Hi Honey!!

Gina: Hey! so you called me finally!! After 2 years.

Robert: I missed you dear. Say thanks to this young lady! Wow!! She really does call ghosts! I am going to tip you after all this ends.

Medium: Thanks!

Robert: Honey! Do you remember where you kept the thousand bucks that I gave you?

Gina: F**k! that is the first thing you want to ask me. You called me back from dead for this. And you gave me because you owed me.

Robert: No I wanted to meet you too but if you could tell me about the money, it will help me. I have some bills to pay.

Gina: You want to pay that hooker you are sleeping with.

Robert: How do you know?

Gina: I watch , I am always there watching you. It's just that I can't do anything about it.

Robert: Ohh! and if would have learnt to operate a video camera in your 30 years of existence then my videos would have been everywhere. That is why I get that creepy feeling, that some one is watching. Why do you do that?

Gina: Why didn't you keep the heater on?

Robert: I forgot!

Gina: You promised me that you will keep the heater on when I went to sleep.

Robert: Yes and I forgot. What is the big deal?

Gina: Yes it is so trivial that I died in my sleep due to pneumonia.

Robert: You started complaining again. You nag after your death too and you know it doesn't surprise me. Who told you to swim in our pool in winter?

Gina: I did because I was the only man in the house.

Robert: Everyone knew that you are not a woman for sure. You never looked like one though. So I do agree that you might be a man in biological sense. I am bored of you and I will teach you a lesson now.

(He takes a mouse from one of his pocket and a gun from another)

Gina: Don't shoot the mouse just because you can't face me? Leave it alone.

Medium: I don't want to clean the floor later, do this outside Sir.

Gina: Leave the mouse alone.

Robert: Shut up b**ch!

(Turns to the medium)

Robert: Put this soul in this mouse.

Medium: No I won't.

Robert: I will kill you , you FREAK.

Medium: Sir don't piss me off.

Gina: Lady put my soul in his body and his in the mouse. I will make you rich.

Robert: No!!! Listen to me.

(Medium makes a choice)

===== After a few days=====================

Steve: I didn't know that you are so much in to men. We have been just saying hello to each other till yesterday and now we are doing this.

Robert: Yes I am. Lets do it again!

Steve: The mouse keeps on staring at us the whole time. I swear it wants to say something and that is not that nice.

Robert: It's a mouse , who cares. 

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Submitted by Selez Stiel on Fri, 12/22/2017 - 10:44
http://www.icomedytv.com/content/dead-wife I am still very new to the site and haven't navigated much, but either way, I hope that my production will be enjoyed.

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