Who's on 1st? The 21st Century GPS edition

Who's on 1st? The 21st Century GPS edition

(2m)   by RichardM83

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Two friends are driving around a city, one is the driver and the other is the navigator, following the ridiculous, ever changing directions of a smartphone map.

Friend 2: ok go straight here, then a left, ok?

Friend 1: Right. take a˜left.

Friend 2:˜No take a left.

Friend 1: that's what i said

Friend 2: no you said right. whatever! whatever the turn's coming up which is it?? (looks at the smartphone)

Friend 1: You said left!!

Friend 2: (scoffs) YEAH!, a left....RIGHT?!

Friend 1:˜NOOOO!!! I SAID LEEFFFFTT!! (cursing) we missed it! now we have to go around again!

Friend 2: oh shutup. stop complaining and just take four lefts.

Friend 1: oh. Right.

Friend 2: NO! aaah...well i guess that would work...ok.(sighs) for the sake of simplicity and safety, take the right turns. you won't need to cross traffic and eliminating left turns means we'll only be saying˜"right" and not asking-

Friend 1: ...and another left. Right, here it is

Friend 2 punches Friend 1 in the face.

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Few if any young people from this generation remember the classic "who's on first?" comedy routine, or even think that it's funny. But every young person whose used a smartphone will relate to the confusion between driver, navigator, and the all powerful GPS.

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Submitted by addisonching1 on Wed, 11/02/2016 - 22:33
Is there more to this skit if so could I use it and have your copyright information Really funny

2m Comedy Skits - Who's on 1st? The 21st Century GPS edition