When It's Time to Leave Home

When It's Time to Leave Home

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Frank and Joan have been married 30 yrs now. They have both been feeling that the kids, now into their 2O's, have been ready to launch for some time now. They’ve been awaiting the kids exit so they can get on with some fun in their own lives. Joan has always found it too hard to be intimate with Frank when someone is in the house and with their adult kids around so much of the time it’s taken a toll on that part of the relationship.

Recently Frank and Joan decided to visit a sex therapist to try and get some advice. Dr. Lucille is just saying goodbye to them with her last few reminder words. The scene begins with Frank and Joan leaving the Dr's office excited to have this information and ready to give it a go.


Dr. Lucille: Ok you guys. Now I've spent time with you both, you have lots of encouraging information that I hope has freed you some. Remember the key is to begin behaving as though the kids are not there anymore. Let me know how that works. Bye


Frank and Joan: Bye


*walking away from the office*

Frank: So Honey what did you think? That was a lot to absorb but it's so great.


Joan: I really liked her, she really made me realize it’s just a fear I have and just telling her about my hang ups around sex and the kids being around, really lifted something off me. I feel great.


Frank: well I liked her too. Let’s make some changes then. I'll put a lock on the door to the bedroom, let’s take our home back and start living our one and only lives!

Joan: Yes, it's our house why should we feel like we need to hide in it!


Frank and Joan exit stage and the next scene begins with the two kids Lynn and Jason ages 22 and 25 they are talking in the house the next day.


Lynn: What's with mom and dad’s bedroom door being locked now?


Jason: Yeah I know, like why would they want to stop us from coming in there anyway....

*the two look at each other both realizing what might be happening behind a locked door*


Jason and Lynn simultaneously: NO Way!


Jason: That's just wrong


Lynn: STOP IT STOP IT! I don't want to even think... Awwwww! I just saw it. OH Aughhhh!


Jason: Look maybe we're just jumping to conclusions here


Lynn: yeah your right.


Jason: I'm going to work, see ya


Lynn: K bye

*the two exit opposite sides looking back at each other in suspicious disgust of the thoughts they are now entertaining*

Next Scene later that evening.

*Frank and Joan are sitting in the living room. Behind them is the hallway to the bedrooms or a staircase to the upstairs (either set would be fine). The kids are in their rooms. To establish that fact, just before this dialog Frank or Lynn could take a quick look up the stairs to check if the kids are over hearing this conversation*


Frank: Lynn I am feeling the Best I have ever felt. I feel so free since Dr Lucille’s session.


Lynn: I feel the same way! It’s great. Hey and that was so nice last night

Frank: NICE? NICE? That was incredible.


Lynn: Now that was a bit of a stretch for me but I'm excited to go all the way with this. What was it Dr. Lucille said was the key?


Frank:  Behave as Though the kids are not there anymore. *with a sarcastic smirk* So what is that supposed to look like....

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Submitted by bkuniverse on Tue, 10/16/2012 - 12:28
Dear Don, I really liked your scripts and monologues and it is always encouraging and inspirational for me to see your articles. Regards Balle
Submitted by restisaweapon on Tue, 10/16/2012 - 17:06
Thanks Balle, It was actually the very first of my comedy writing then today I discovered a problem with the file version and the only solution was to delete and re-post the entire skit. So it is actually an older skit from 2008. Anyway thanks for the kind words. Don
Submitted by tiger (not verified) on Sun, 01/06/2013 - 21:57
the best play in the world.i like it

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