Walls Walls And More Walls

Walls Walls And More Walls

(3m)   by gritt brewer

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adviser: Mister President we have some issues to sort out

Trump: please tell me its not the walls again

adviser: don't you mean wall sir?

Trump: no I mean walls, I have some new ideas

adviser: new ideas are always welcome, but shouldn't we build one wall at a time?

Trump: our people need jobs, walls mean jobs

adviser: is Mexico going to pay for these walls as well?

Trump: ha, very funny. if their leader does me the courtesy of a visit, I think he'll agree to pay for it. I believe the great wall of Mexico will in years to come be a great tourist attraction. split the income between us and everybody will be happy

adviser: I hope the Chinese don't have copyright on great wall, but it sounds good to me. what were the other walls you were alluding to?

Trump: Mister Trudeau it seems was disrespecting my new immigration policy, so if we are going to stop undesirables pouring down from the northern border that surely requires another wall

adviser: will this generate mutual income as the great wall of Canada

Trump: absolutely and like the southern wall it will generate advertising income
 on our side from companies proud to be American and on the other side from proud Canadian and Mexican companies

adviser: maybe I'm missing something sir but cant undesirables both north and south just get on a plane and fly over the great walls

Trump: of course, so the airport walls are our new greatest priority. these will be paid for by taxing undesirables before we deport them

adviser: that's a lot of walls

Trump: believe me its just the start. when people see how great walls can be, they will spring up everywhere. hell people are telling me they want walls at the coast to stop illegal access by sea

adviser: how long before one can walk along the great wall of Mexico, up the Western Pacific wall, along the great Canadian wall and down the eastern Atlantic wall?

Trump: it cant happen soon enough, its going to be awesome

adviser: I was just thinking Mister President with four great walls, the USA effectively becomes the biggest castle on earth with you as its king

Trump: I'm king of the castle, I love it

adviser: a castle that even has a moat east and west and a partial one in the north

Trump: if we could invade as far as Panama, we could have a southern moat too

adviser: whatever about anything else we have discussed sir, promise me you wont tweet that last suggestion

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might make a good sketch

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Submitted by Abby on Mon, 02/25/2019 - 09:09
Can I use this for a class production project tomorrow? Thank you!
Submitted by gritt brewer on Mon, 02/25/2019 - 11:06
by all means enjoy

3m Comedy Skits - Walls Walls And More Walls