Things That Happen On A Training Course

Things That Happen On A Training Course

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1) Everyone else, except you, appears to have come prepared with a pen and paper 2) As you enter the training room for the first time everyone else appears to be engrossed in important phone calls with their clients, you ask if you are in the wrong room

3) The man sat next you keeps playing with his Pager, he asks the trainer if it's ok if he leaves the room when the course is running as he's expecting some urgent phone calls. You question the man's self- importance by turning to the person sat next to you and saying - "Who does he think he is? A Heart Surgeon?"

4) At the "Ice Breaker" you discover the man next to you is a Heart Surgeon

5) At 11.00 you remember you've forgotten to sign in and are now worried there will be a Fire

6) Upon arrival, you are offered a range of pastries/cakes/biscuits but decline as you've only just had breakfast. By 10.30 you regret that decision and are absolutely starving

7) During the "housekeeping" part of the course, you switch off and forget to listen, you now have to ask the person to your left who you haven't spoken to yet to tell where the toilets are

8) By 14.00 your eyes are hurting from continuously rolling them due to the same person in the group going off on tangents and raising questions/topics unrelated to the content of the course

9) You get angry because the trainer has offered the group the option of taking a 30-minute lunch and finishing early or taking the full hour and finishing at the scheduled time. The consensus is to take the full hour.

10) The group is an odd number so you have do the role plays, properly, with the Trainer

11) You find out at the lunch break that the trainer is on ?300 a day, you begin to question where your life is going

12) You ask the person sat next to you if they've travelled far to get here.

13) At 15.30 you get angry (again) as the Trainer allows the people who've come by train to leave

14) By 14.30 the tea/coffee urns are empty, you don't bother to mention it to the Trainer as you expect the course will be finishing by 15.00.

15) You get angry as it's 15.00 and have read the work book and there are still 3 more role plays to do

16) At the Ice Breaker you're asked to divulge 3 interesting facts about yourself, one of which you've made up and the other involves a true story about meeting a celebrity. You get annoyed because the group aren't interested in your story about meeting the celebrity.

17) Your heart starts pounding as the Trainer has announced a surprise end of day test and you realise you've not been listening the entire day

18) Once you place the one page of notes you've taken in your bag that is the last time it will ever see light of day

19) Due to train delays it takes 3 hours to get home, including a quick drink in the local pub and trapesing round the supermarket looking for something for dinner. You get home and discover you're still wearing your name badge

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Hey, I would like to use your script for a project in my Uni, can I do that?

2m Comedy Skits - Things That Happen On A Training Course