The Sitdown

The Sitdown

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Woman: Babe we really need to talk! I feel like our relationship is spiraling out of control! I understand no relationship is perfect, but this is gettin out of hand all you want to do is watch sports and tell stories from High School!!

MAN: What are you talking about where is this even comimng from? I am not the only dude in the world who likes to talk watch sports you are really getting annoying geees!!

Woman: No your not the only man in the world who enjoys talking or watching sports, but it seems like you are trying to stlill live in High School. How many guys do you work with that still use folders that they have put designs on and  to make matters worse you carry them in a book bag !!!!

Man: Lots of dudes that are my age still use bookbags probably....... for all anyone knows i could ride a motorcyle and thats the only thing i have to hall around my files!!

Woman: FILES FILES are you kidding me what files do you have you work at A Sporting Goods Store. I am getting side tracked thats not even the point. Even if your stupid argument for the backpack was true please explain to me the constant wearing of your letter jacket..... YOU EVEN WHERE THE DAMN THING IN THE SUMMER!!

MAN: JEALOUS.... that i got a sweetass letter jacket because i rocked so hard in sports a few years ago!!!

Woman: I am done i cant take it your out of your mind and for your information we graduated in 1999 its 2012 its a little bit more then a few years ago. Also just a little bit of advice you are 31 stop calling your friends by there last names your not on the bus headed to the big game!!! Oh and one last bit of advice before i end this disaster we call a relationship when you finish making love to a woman KNOWBODY THINKS ITS CLEVER WHEN YOU HUM THE SPORTSCENTER SONG duna dun duna dun its dumma dum dumbba dum

Man: You know what you think you are so smart for info I was supposed to graduate in 98 ha!!!! Another thing i dont hum those lyrics for your pleasure while were making love to keep myself excited i am going through a mental highlight reel of all my top plays from High School Football and when i hum that it just ends in my head and on the bed who is the dumbass now!! Oh and the letter jacket thing still gets me free drinks at Mc Tardles, not to mention it still gets a lotta looks from then ladies!

Woman: Congratulations you win you are officially the mos pathetic human i know we are done. Please before i go let me help you its not funny when you call McDonalds Mctardles it offensive its not funny when you call Arbys Arbles it doesnt enven make since. Or Rally's Ratties and stop calling my daily journal the daily urinal your are a moran!!!!!

Man: Does this mean you wont drop me off over at Burnett's?

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I think everyone knows the guy who never grew up or left High School i actually have a best friend this was based on.

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