The Revenge of Twin

The Revenge of Twin

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Bob: Why does Rose like you and not me?

Martin: Simple.


Martin: Because no body likes you. So also Rose doesn't like you. Can't you figure that one out by yourself?

Bob: No tell me, what does she see in you.

Martin:My Looks

Bob:But we are twins

Martin: Then may be my dressing sense

Bob: But mom buys the same clothes for us

Martin: Precisely and i dont wear them and u do

Bob: No i am serious , i dont think she is that shallow

Martin: No trust me she is deep.. i mean deep down there is a heart

Bob:I want to know ur secret

Martin: My personality


Martin: I am confident and you are not.

Bob: But we are twins, we have the same genes and we have the same environment , so by nature and nurture we should have the same personality.

Martin: No its all about choice, i am in to sports and you are in to books.

Bob: So u mean girls don't like the boys who read books.

Martin: I didn't say that. even if u get in to sports , girls wont like u.

Bob: Why?

Martin: Confidence

Bob: Exactly and why are u so confident?

Martin: Because i am special, through out our childhood there was an emphasis that we are same but i knew that I am special.

Bob: I am special too.

Martin: But Rose doesn't think so. She only likes me. She tells me "Hey Martin!! I am thirsty today, what Martini do you have?"

Bob: I don't know what is so special about you, we are twins right till the toe.

Martin: I sound better than you, I have fun things to talk and so women think I have fun things do and we do fun things together. No one likes you.

Bob: That's not possible people can't differentiate between you and me while talking on phone. If you were considered as the class clown then I was the clown in the college. So we both are fun..

Martin: Look why don't you ask this to Rose? She doesn't like you.

Bob: No , you don't like me. Why?

Martin: I don't like you at all. From my childhood, I had to share everything with you. You took the space in my photos, even on my birthday I got half the gifts I should have got. Even our clothes were the same and it pissed me off. I am replaceable to your word because a copy exists. I hate you..

Bob: Thats what I wanted to know. Look at these photos( shows him)

Martin: Well that Bobby, Rose's brother and you. Wait why are you both not wearing anything? What are you doing down there? Shit .. so you are in to..

Bob:Yes I have slept with all the guys in the town and now who is special..

Martin: Since when

Bob: Since I started eating Sushi and you threw up.

Martin: What does that have to do with all this?

Bob: I realized that Sushi is all about ACQUIRED TASTE and so experimented.

Martin: So that why I get all these calls at late night.

Bob:Yes, I told them your name and gave them your number.

Martin: Why?

Bob: I hate you more than you imagine. I have asked my friends to abduct me .. to make me feel good. So now be careful while being out .. But may be your Martini might have got over so this will replenish it.

Martin: Why? Look I am sorry

Bob: Too late, never mess with your twin. This is the "REVENGE OF TWIN"

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can me and my friend edit the script to make it school appropriate for a tournament so we can still do it

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