The Queen and the Bum

The Queen and the Bum

(4.5m)   by Officer1774

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In 2018, Queen Anne has finished making her wedding arrangements, and she is now marrying Bill Waterman, a broke and rugged man whose is very sarcastic and has a bad attitude to people. This skit focuses on the after party.

Guest #1: Look at Bill over there! He is so not fit for the Queen! 

Guest #2: I should go over there and tell him that he isn't fit for her at all!

Guest #1: You do that and we both will be banned from attending any other events with the Queen! You know how he gets!

Bill: *yelling at people* And tell your wife that she needs her immigration papers by Thursday!

Guest #1: If I were to do that at my own wedding I wouldn't even have a head!

Guest #2: Just relax! He should be calm now that they are gone.

Bill: The next time we invite a black woman at our party, let her work the kitchen!

Guest #2: Okay maybe until everyone just leaves.

Bill: Hey! You! Irishman!

Guest #1: Well, wish me luck. walks to Bill

Bill: Do you got experience with catching fish?

Guest #1: What do you mean?

Bill: Don't you Irish get taught how to fish as an elective? Do you have any experience with fishing, yes or no?

Guest #1: My father did all the fishing.

Bill: What kind of Irish are you? You might as well be a Jamaican! Get out of my safe space. Guest #1 walks back

Guest #1: That could've gone better.

Guest #2: You need to stop being so naive and just let the man have fun!

Bill: *yelling again*  I didn't ask for the queer's opinion!

Guest #1: *breaks his wine glass* This is an outrage! Why did the Queen get with this bloke?

Guest #2: With your attitude you'll get us kicked out of here!

Bill: Hey, Geoffrey Evans, stop looking at me like I'm a Barbie doll, will ya?

Guest #1: I'll show you Barbie! tries to attack Bill then the Queen comes

Queen: What in heavens is going on here?

Guest #1: This rat has been insulting everyone all evening! How did you ever get married with this chimp?

Bill: At least chimps know when to shut up, unlike you, you Grandma!

Guest #1: My lady, I beg you, divorce this man and sue him for everything he has, which looks like not much.

Queen: Divorce? What are you talking about?

Bill: I told you that he looked very out of it! You can't trust an Irish. Could be a spy!

Guest #1: Surely you must be thinking about leaving him!

Queen: Of course not! How could I ever leave my step-brother?

End scene

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If you get offended from this skit, why are you here?

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Submitted by TUCC VILLAFANA on Wed, 10/28/2020 - 01:35
Was the goal of this skit to offend?
Submitted by gilthelve_15775 on Tue, 04/05/2022 - 02:35
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4 Person 4.5m Comedy Skits - The Queen and the Bum