The President's Idea

The President's Idea

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President: I have a brilliant idea

Advisor: As always , you always have brilliant ideas. You just don't need us do you?

President: Even you have ideas sometimes just that they are not that illuminating

Advisor: Illuminating?

President: Bright!! See I didn't want to hurt your feeling so I used the word "Illuminating"

Advisor: What is it?

President: I am thinking of granting all Indians in USA , the citizenship 

Advisor: Why?

President: I am planning to get a million or so from India too.

Advisor: So nice of you, they will be very happy. So you wish to improve the relantioship of this country with India.

President: Thats all you can think of. Our relationship is good with all countries.

Advisor: Yes our battleships and bases ensure that ..

President: Yes , but this is my master plan

Advisor: I am all ears.

President: So if the Indians get citizenship they will all settle on the Coast.

Advisor: Yes, that is where the jobs are

President: So within a year or so there would be only Indians on the coast.

Advisor: Yes , Of Course. But what would that accomplish?

President: So when the Chinese ships land on our coast to invade us they will find Indians there.

Advisor: Yes , they will...

President: So the Chinese will think they crossed all these oceans and took this trouble to invade India when it is right across the mountains..

Advisor: So ..

President: The Chinese government would hang their military leaders for the botched operation and we will be victorious.

Advisor: Yes , with people at the helm our country is safe. You are great Mr President.

President: I know , I know ..

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1.5m Comedy Skits - The President's Idea