The Painting Of The Mona Lisa

The Painting Of The Mona Lisa

(1.5m)   by captainmo

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Leonardo: Alright I am paying you to sit still for a few hours so I can make a painting that will be cherished for years and years.

Mona: Okay

(1 hour later)

Leonardo: Damn it you moved now I have to start all over again

Mona: I'm sorry it won't happen again

Leonardo: It better not...

(3 hours later)

Mona: Aaaaaah CHOOOO!

Leonardo: YOU Sneezed!!!! I have to start over again!

Mona: How could you screw up when I Sneeze?

Leonardo: It startled me and I made a slight mark. I need you to control your body and just sit still.

Mona: You didn't even say 'bless you'

Leonardo: And I'm not going to! Now sit still!

(2 hours later)

Leonardo: STOP BLINKING!!! It's screwing me up!

Mona: Sorry I have to blink!

Leonardo: Apology not accepted! Now we are going to start over and if you move another muscle you won't get paid.

(24 hours and 50 mistakes later)

Leonardo: You breathed! I can't believe you! You are the worst poser I have ever worked with!

Mona: Other people have put up with this?!

Leonardo: yes and they got paid a lot and you will get paid nothing! I will give you one more chance, We are going to start over. Beginning with the background

Mona: (sigh)

(12 hours later)

Leonardo: Finally my masterpiece is complete! I thank you so much!

Mona: Not a problem(Removes mask to reveal it's Leo's assistant Salai)

Leonardo: It was such a relief after the other chick kept screwing up.

Salai: Yeah, I wasn't sure how to smile so I just did a half one.

Leonardo: It was PERFECT!!! You know..... I might just make a naked Mona Lisa.....

Salai: Yeah............ Not posing for that.......

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It IS okay to put this script into a video, all you have to do is letting me know you're doing so, give me credit for it, and send me the link of the final cut! Also sorry if there are any mistakes in the script i usually write these late at night and don't proofread a lot.

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Submitted by Jack Lafferty (not verified) on Wed, 06/22/2011 - 02:15
Hey Can I Please Borrow This Script to get into Film and Tv At My School I'm So Despite I'm Such A Good Actor But I'm Bad At Scripts Do You Mind
Submitted by captainmo on Wed, 06/22/2011 - 03:37
no i don't mind, I didn't think people would find this one was funny. If you want to use a different one go ahead. But have fun and good luck!
Submitted by danishmark (not verified) on Fri, 07/22/2011 - 03:16
verrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! funnyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted by Ingrid Hernandez (not verified) on Mon, 09/05/2011 - 06:19
Can I save this script on my IPad so I can do that with my friends some time? Please reply, Ingrid
Submitted by Jack Lafferty (not verified) on Sun, 12/11/2011 - 15:06
Thanx Morgan I Have Just Made A YouTube Channel I Was Wondering Can You Make Me Some Good Comedy Scripts. I will Give You Full Credit Plz Wright Back ASAP =)
Submitted by captainmo on Wed, 12/14/2011 - 06:36
Yes you may Ingrid, And yes i will write some comedy scripts for you. I'm sorry i couldn't respond earlier, my computer was on the fritz.
Submitted by Cheap postcard print (not verified) on Tue, 03/27/2012 - 22:56
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1.5m Comedy Skits - The Painting Of The Mona Lisa