the Jerry Duncan Show

the Jerry Duncan Show

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Jerry Duncan is a syndicated radio talk show host whose demeanor is crude, opinionated, bombastic, politically incorrect and a bully with a microphone. He loves to talk in his deep booming voice, but hates to listen to other people's opinions as they discuss the topical subjects in the news.˜

Commenting about CTE which is a degenerating brain disease caused from trauma to the head from football and other sports, Jerry told his guest expert that he was hit in the head so many times by his stepmom, he probably has the disease byself. "If I ever see that bitch again, I'll stick my foot so far up her skinny anus that she'll taste the shoe leather." Duncan covers all the social and political news with satire.˜

Skits are 6 to 10 minutes depending on what you want. As a comedy writer whose credits include award nominated plays, I can write anything you request.˜

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I would like to sell series of The Jerry Duncan Show. Would also like to write skits for your shows.

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