The Gym Prank Call

The Gym Prank Call

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Using the voice of a New Jersey guy who thinks he is a real ladies man!!!

GYM OPERATOR : Good Morning and thank you for calling Total Fitness how may i help you?

JERSEY DUDE: Uh yeah sweetheart how ya doing? I was actually thinking about joinin your guys gym just had a couple of quick questions to run by ya's

GYM OPERATOR: Sure i would be more then happy to help you!

JERSEY DUDE: ( chuckles) yeah yeah i bet you would!! Anyway i have been working out for da past couple years at this real shit hole and i am thinkin about making a change over to you's guys. I was at friggin nets game the other day and over heard some people talking about your guys facility said you had the most free weights they had ever scene!! Is this true sweetheart!

GYM OPERATOR: Yes you did hear correctly we have one of the most well stocked free weight areas  in the entire country we feel it cuts down on the wait time for people looking to use a particular weignt.

JERSEY DUDE: Nice Nice thats unfriggin believable i am ready to join right friggin now so what do i  gotta do just come in there sign a few papers bada bing bada boom and i am a member? Then what i just pull my truck around front and someone there loads those free weights up for me?

GYM OPERATOR: I am not quite sure that i am understanding what your asking sir? We dont have anyone here who would load weights into your truck.

JERSEY DUDE: So what are you saying babe i gots to load the damn things up myself? I mean you guys are just giving these weights away so i feel i am doin you's  a favor and you want me to bust my friggin hump to load them all.. i dont think so not today!!

GYM OPERATOR: Sir i am afraid you are misunderstanding what our gym means by offering free weights! You do not get to keep  the weights free weights just means the are not attached to a machine they can be moved around freely. Perhaps we could schedule you a appt with one of sales reps who can better explain to you what we offer here at Total Fitness. Is there a day you would like to come in and take a tour?

JERSEY DUDE: I dont need no sales rep givin me some ten cent tour of a gym you been to one you scene them all!! i just want the friggin free weights everybody else is gettin. I will be down there in 20 minutes you can tell Sammy the Sales guy or whatever his friggin name is i am very interested in a tour of the free weights he will be picking up and a tour of whatever path he is gonna take to get them loaded in my truck!! Short in simple heres my tour weights, hall, door, back of my truck

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When i came up with this skit i tried it a few different ways. I always made the caller pretty dingy not real smart but i would change is accent on every call the one i feel is the funniest is when i use a Jersey accent

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