The Fatal Story of Poo

The Fatal Story of Poo

(1.5m)   by Jamietrouncelle_

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FADE IN: A Young Boy, JASON, probably in his early teens, like 13 or 15, around there, sits on the sofa cushion inside the Living Room, playing XBOX. In front of him by the TV Set, are family photos, him, his mom, his grandparents, and the families precious Dog. The Game's sound is loud, like a blaring Sound System Speaker. He plays, using the console to defeat the Monsters on the Video Game. Next to him is a Cheese Sandwich, which he picks up, and gulps into his mouth, barely chewing, taking the entire sandwich in, swallowing it down. He fights some more. Then... A loud stomach cramp snaps his attention, he holds onto his stomach, feeling a slight sting inside. Then, his stomach cramps grow louder, and deafening, almost like he is ready to pop. He Pauses the Game, and jumps up, hurling himself to the Bathroom. INT. HALLWAY Jason hurls down the long passageway towards the Bathroom. When he arrives at the Bathroom, the Door is locked, he grunts. And bangs on the door, but nobody answers. He holds onto his stomach like its about to fall apart, and darts up the stairs, running to the second Bathroom, but its locked again. He bangs harder this time, and we can hear the sound of water running, somebody must be showering. He crawls down, hitting the door again, but nothing. He hears the Bathroom downstairs Toilet flushing, and he hurries down again. He's barely able to move on his feet, without knocking into the walls around him. He comes in front of the Bathroom Door, it opens, and out comes the Family Dog, sophisticated looking, and a Toilet Roll under its Paw. Much to Jason's disbelief, he watches as the Dog waddles out of the Toilet, going back to its Dog Seat. Jason's eyes catch the camera... JASON: What the f- SMASH TO BLACK. Over black The sound of an everlasting poo can be heard.

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This short Skit is meant to tickle your funny bones in the end, not to be taken serious.

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1 Person 1.5m Comedy Skits - The Fatal Story of Poo