The Dark Horse

The Dark Horse

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Harry brings Stella to his home first time for her to meet his family and shows her a horse ..

Harry: Here is my brother

Stella: You are kidding me. This is a horse.

Harry: Yes I was telling you that my brother is the DARK HORSE of the family.

Stella: Where is your brother Alex?

Harry: Here he is..

Stella: This horse ..

Harry: Yes Dark Horse

Stella: How can your brother be a horse?

Harry: Because my parents gave birth to him that is why he is my brother.

Stella: Did you see him coming out of ..?

Harry: The doctor put his hand in my mothers .. whatever .. and he rang out howling that something kicked him hard.Then with a tong they took Alex out ..

Stella: Weren't you all surpised ..

Harry: Yes we were , I mean we all are Caucasian and he is black ..

Stella: No I mean that he is a horse. How is it biological possible?

Harry: Its possible , he is right before you ..

Stella: But Alex spoke over phone with me..How can a horse talk?

Harry: He is a little shy .. so he is quite ..

Stella: A horse can't be your brother ..

Harry: Look don't talk so disparingly of my brother. It's God who decides who becomes who's brother ..

Stella: Think over it rationally. Your parents are humans and he is a horse. How can humans give birth to a horse?

Harry:Yes they did .. look at him , my brother..

Stella: Didn't you get this investigated?

Harry: Heh! my parents weren't those who will send their children to the laboratory for money and fame. Also fame at young age is not good for children ..

Stella: So this horse is your brother .. does he really talk ..

Harry: Talk, he can sing , dance and do many more things then us humans can do ..

Stella: Stop kidding me .. Enough is enough. Where is your brother?

Harry: Here he is ..

Stella: Ok I am going to ride him ..

Harry: You are my girlfriend and you are going to ride my brother. I broke up with the last one because she rode my brother .. She cheated on me..

Stella: I think you are mad ..

Harry: And I think you are less accepting of others ..

Stella: I a breaking up with you ..

Harry: Yes just because I didn't let you ride my brother , you are breaking up. Why do women like to cheat? And what's so special about horses anyway?

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Submitted by stella (not verified) on Tue, 05/28/2013 - 23:28
It's really great!
Submitted by bkuniverse on Wed, 05/29/2013 - 01:06
@stella. Thanks.
Submitted by Leia (not verified) on Fri, 05/27/2016 - 05:22
Ahahahaha so funny! Love it! Thank you! :D

5m Comedy Skits - The Dark Horse