the bee song

the bee song

(1m)   by gritt brewer

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Bees are cuddly, Bees are sound

so busy busy busy, on their rounds

they don't waste time, they just make sweet honey

that you can smear yourself in, if its nice and runny



Bees Bees, we like Bees, Bees are our insect friends

Bees Bees, truly are their knees, buzzom buddies to the end


Bees are good to man, man is a Bee fan

Co existence is what matters

the Bee likes to be progressive, won't get aggressive

cos his arse will end up in tatters


now always beware, and take good care

though their gift of honey, does excite us

for a accidental sting, can sometimes bring

a bad dose of the hepatitis

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some people reckon Bees could do twice as much work if they slimmed down

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