The adventures of Mime: part 1

The adventures of Mime: part 1

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Law & Mime


Mickleberry part 1.

Written by Chea Berg


Jeff and matt work at a law firm and are interviewing people to join the small firm.

Ashton Mickleberry Futt walks into the small room for the interview.

Ashton is dressed up like a mime.


Jeff: are you Ashton Mickleberry Futt?


Ashton shakes his head yes.


Matt: you do realize this is a law firm, not the circus?


Jeff: is there mimes at the circus? I thought, they only perform at public parks or street corners?


Matt: yeah, they are like clown prostitutes with no edge.


Jeff: they are like, a depressed clown.


Matt: they are gay.


Jeff: they are who you invite to a suicide.


Matt: let's be real, no one invites mimes.


Jeff: have you thought about killing yourself Mr. Futt?


Ashton shakes his head yes.


Ashton starts miming out like he has a gun, he points it at the law firm guys.


Matt and Jeff freak out.


Matt: don’t kill me, I have a family.


Jeff: just put down the gun.


Another mime shows up in a police uniform.


The police mime acts out like he has a gun and points it at Ashton.


Ashton points back at the police mime.


They both pretend to fire at each other.


Ashton goes down covering his wound.


The police mime arrests Ashton and they walk out of the office.


Jeff: What the fuck was that all about!?


Matt: I don’t know, but we should hire him.


The end

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feedback would be great. I have a whole series of Mickleberry mime. if you want more, then you know what to do... co-ment.

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