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King: I was thinking!!

Minister: No , not again.

King: Yes, it is that time of the year too.

Minister: Increase the tax

King: Yes by a mere 2 %, this time. But it would be a new tax.

Minister: That will make it 50 % tax

King: Yes, my queen got in to a fight with my other queen over sharing a bathroom in the palace.

Minister: But there are 20 bathrooms in the palace.

King: Yaa but you know women right. Its my fault , I didn't build a palace for my new queen.

Minister: So ..

King: I want to build a new palace and I don't want to touch my savings. Let me increase the tax.

Minister: People will rebel!

King: Yes some will beat up the tax man and some will send me the hate mail. But majority will comply. After all we have brought them to respect authority. 

Minister: But what reason shall we give?

King: Defence spendings!!

Minister: What?

King: We have a summer campaign against our neighbor. As long as this country has a single neighbor, we are not safe.

Minister: But no matter how many neighbors we capture, their neighbors will become ours and we will have to fight them.

King: Not if we capture the whole world, the problem is solved. Just like 'Alexander the Great' did.

Minister: Only then would you invest in roads, education and other things?

King: What use is of investing in all this if the neighbors destroy it?

Minister: Ohh! What tax do you have in your mind?

King: We have taxed everything. Water , Education, Food and other things have being taxed. But today while my queens were fighting I thought about it. We will have 'Spouse tax'

Minister: So if the people don't pay we take away there spouse!

King: Yes

Minister: Then no one will pay even the tax that were paying. We will be bankrupt.

King: Then what should we do?

Minister: Why don't you attack our neighbor and take money ?

King: All my generals are on one campaign or the other. There is no one to lead a campaign.

Minister: What about you? You have never gone on a campaign.

King: The queens will miss me.

Minister: You can take all of them.

King: That will give extra motivation for my enemy to fight. What about you? You lead the campaign.

Minister: No let us tax the people.

King: See I told you before. Taxing is easier!!

Minister: But what should we tax?

King: Air tax.

Minister: What?

King: We have land tax. Water tax. But we dont have air tax.

Minister: Thats crazy. No body has taxed air.

King: Thats innovative. Every person in my kingdom should cough up money for breathing.

Minister: We can't stop them from breathing if they don't.

King: We will throw them out of the kingdom if they don't.

Minister: But people will rebel.

King: Thats why I am thinking of opening a tax department which will over see the tax collection. We will say that it is
independent and it forms the policies.

Minister: So that the department becomes the symbol of hatred.

King: Whenever the people become agitated the king will pass a ordinance announcing small refunds to everyone. That will make the people pacified.

Minister: What name do you have for this?

King: IRS.

Minister: What does it stand for?

King: It is a short form for 'Insatiable Revenue Suckers' but we will find some decent name for people.

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Prety Good!
Submitted by ballekumar on Thu, 04/12/2012 - 00:33
@Reginald Thanks a lot.

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