Tarzan's Love

Tarzan's Love

(5m)   by ballekumar

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Mother Chimp: Look at this photo, do you like this girl?

Tarzan: Mom, she is a chimp

Mother Chimp: So? I am chimp , your sister is a chimp , your whole family is of chimpanzees. 

Tarzan: Mom, you don't get it, I like human girl Jane.

Mother Chimp: We all like her. She brings bananas when bananas are out of season. God how does she do that? What has you liking Jane to do with you not marrying this girl.

Tarzan: I want to marry Jane.

Mother Chimp: What? My daughter in law would be a human girl. No way.

Tarzan: But I can't marry a chimp.

Mother Chimp:  Also no chimp wants to marry you. You are shorter and lesser than all chimps. If you know what I mean?

Tarzan: Mom , you don't have to tell me that always.

Mother Chimp: Just wearing an underpants won't hide your weakness son. Every one knows it.  If you don't want to hear me saying about it then marry to her. I lied to their family , I said you are also a chimp but you like to shave.

Sister Chimp: She has a thing for shaved chimps I guess.

Tarzan: You people don't understand. Mom, will you mate with a zebra?

Mother Chimp: Never. At least not till your dad is alive.

Tarzan: What?

Mother Chimp: I am just kidding. Of course not.

Tarzan: For me mating with her is like you mating with zebra.

Mother Chimp: But she is a chimp and not a zebra. 

Tarzan: Mom it is a different specie.It can't happen.

Mother: You tell your sister bed time stories about men and sheep. A chimp is better than a sheep. A sheep has no brain , you want a smart girl as your wife , don' you? You drink alcohol and everything will happen.

Tarzan: Everyday.

Mother Chimp: Why not? You are paying for it , the tourist pay and we snatch it from them. Don't we.

Tarzan: Mom , I like Jane.

Mother Chimp: What is there in that girl? She is thin as a stick , even if you feed her a million bananas she wont look as healthy as any chimp girl. Ohh! yes she wears clothes!! You like girls who were clothes. Those human girls are not confident about their looks and so wear clothes. Look at us , I am old and still I never ever even cover myself with even a leaf.

Tarzan: No, Jane is HUMAN GIRL and I am MAN , the girl in photo is chimp and I can't mate with her.

Mother Chimp: How can you know without trying?

Tarzan: How do you know without trying that you can't mate with a zebra?

Mother Chimp: Who said I didn't try, son? 

Tarzan: What?

Mother Chimp: I am just kidding. Can't I pull your leg now? Tarzan has GROWN for his mom or what? He He

Tarzan: Mom I want to marry Jane.

Mother Chimp: So I am going to have human grandchildren who will make me dance in a circus.

Sister Chimp: And they will put in a lion's cage. 

Tarzan: No , everything would be fine. Let me marry Jane or I will commit suicide.

Sister Chimp: Just because she wears that eenie weenie bikini , you like her. Even this chimp girl will wear for you. You just need to ask with love. I don't get it what is the problem with you men , the minute a girl covers a small part

of her body you like her and when she removes all , you start looking at the other girl who has not removed clothes?

Tarzan: Enough I am diving from this tree and I am dead.

Mother Chimp: Wait my son, we love you. You might have a lot of inadequacies when compared to a chimp but we still love you.  You can marry Jane or her brother Jordan. You can marry anyone. We will accept it .But we need dowry.

Tarzan: Even I want dowry and Jane is a rich girl mom. I am planning to go to city with her to get my share of her father's money.

Mother Chimp: Very nice, you should not delay then. Go ahead!!

Tarzan: I love you all so much. Byee!! Here I come Jane.

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Submitted by Walt Park (not verified) on Mon, 01/05/2015 - 16:07
Hi, this is great can I use this script for my up coming tournament. I get good marks when I use your script thanks.
Submitted by ballekumar on Tue, 01/06/2015 - 02:29
@Walt Park Please feel free to use any of my scripts.

5m Comedy Skits - Tarzan's Love