Syphilis Seph

Syphilis Seph

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Seph: "Well ..."
Syphilis Girl walks in.
Syphilis Girl: "No need to call. I am here. My name is Janey, Lucy's BFF. Lucy called."
Dr: "Is this her?"
Seph: "Unfortunately, yes. Can I pick my pants up now? "
Dr: "Sure, if you want."
Seph pulls pants up.
Dr: "Madam, you will need to be checked as well . Nurse!"
Nurse walks in.
Dr: "Take her to get checked by Dr.Reel."
Nurse: "Follow me."
Nurse and Syphilis Girl leave.
Seph: "What will happen now? "
Dr: "You will need treatment or else complications can occur. Here, read this pamphlet (hands pamphlet to Seph). Free with every visit. "
Seph: Reads out possible long term complications of syphilis ( ex: organ damage, neurosyphilis"
Seph: " Sounds awful!"
Dr: "It is."
Nurse walks back in.
Nurse: "Dr. Reel has checked out the patient. Here is a photo of her perineal area."
Nurse hold up photo of stage 2 syphilis of genital area.
Nurse describes physical marks (such as lesions) and other symptoms Syphilis Girl is presenting ( Ex: Flu-like symptoms, rash on hands and trunk, fatigue).
Dr: "Thank you." Nurse leaves.
Dr faces Seph. "Did you not notice anything unusual about her?"
Seph: "Not really. It was dark and I was ready."
Syphilis girl comes in and pushes Seph aside.
Syphilis Girl: " Okay, enough about him. What about me?"
Dr takes pamphlet from Seph and hands it to Syphilis Girl.
Syphilis Girl reads out how syphilis is diagnosed and treated.
Syphilis Girl: "I feel fine." Starts to lose balance and leans against something. "See, I'm fine."
Girlfriend comes in.
Girlfriend: "I forgot my purse." Notices Syphilis Girl.
Girlfriend: "Janey? Why are you here?"
Syphilis Girl avoids gaze.
Girlfriend: " Are you the one who gave Seph syphilis? I trusted you!"
Syphilis Girl gives Girlfriend ashamed look. Girlfriend is angry.
Dr: Takes pamphlet from Syphilis Girl and hands it to Girlfriend.
Dr: "Free with every visit."
Girlfriend reads out syphilis prevention and tips.
Girlfriend: Turns to Syphilis Girl. "Why!?"
Syphilis Girl: "I'm sorry for betraying you. It's all my fault. Well, mostly his. (points at Seph).
Seph: "Huh?"
Girlfriend lightens up a bit. "I know you're sorry. It's because of your other condition. But you! (Glares at Seph). You should know better! You dog!"
Girlfriend pushes Seph aside.
"Now let's go get your treatment Janey."
Girlfriend and Syphilis Girl leave together while taking pamphlet.
Seph: Begins to tear up and looks at Dr.
Dr: Places arm around Seph's shoulder, looks him in the eye, and says " I am sorry. We're out of pamphlets."
Seph: "WHY!?"
The End

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Meant to be both comedic and educational, which, depending on the audience, can make this skit a bit graphic (especially when revealing the stages of syphilis). Required Items: Informational pamphlet, Gloves ( such as latex or nitrile gloves), Purse or other object Girlfirend can leave behind. Possibly pictures/ representation of the stages of syphilis (Stage 1 male, Stage 2 female) Characters: Patient (Seph) Dr. ( Doctor look preferred) (Serious tone, except when saying "free with every visit", cheerful tone when saying that ) Girlfriend (Lucy) (Innocent personality/ emotional) Nurse (Voice is opposite of what expected) (Ex: Female with manly voice) Syphilis Girl (Janey) (Preppy attitude)

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