Super Bowl....

Super Bowl....

(2.5m)   by zach_baumer01

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Fan Number 1- Alright we are here guys rise and shine!

Fan Number 2- Why did you wake me in the middle of a good dream! It was about unicorns

Fan Number 1- Would you rather watch the super bowl?

Fan Number 2- Ummmmmmm................


Fan Number 2- I mean (says sarcastically) Yay i'm so exited!

Fan Number 3-That's what I thought

Fan Number 4- Let's just go in already!

Fan Number 1- I agree....

(all 4 fans walk up to ticket booth)

Toll Booth Guy- Tickets please

Fan Number 4- Here we go get the tickets out!!!

Fan Number 1- Agh I thought you grabbed them....

Fan Number 3- WHAT! You guys said you talked this over!!!

Fan Number 4 and Number 1- Well we um well.....

Fan Number 2- I don't really care...

Fan Number 3- O you will soon!

Toll Booth Guy- So my guess you don't have them so can you leave we have people waiting.

Fan Number 3- *starts to cry* Ok I guess. (and walks quietly back to the car)

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Such a sad ending but I don't really care.

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5 Person 2.5m Comedy Skits - Super Bowl....