Spacecraft Hijacked

Spacecraft Hijacked

(3m)   by ballekumar

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Astronaut: Houston!! We are hijacked.

Staff member: What? Your spacecraft has been hijacked?

Astronaut: Yes!! Are you deaf? We have been hijacked!!

Staff member: You are not making any sense. Who hijacked it?

Astronaut: Robert!!

Staff member: What?

Astronaut: He says he is ROMAKA and he wants his goat.

Staff member: Let him talk!!

Astronaut: He said he wont talk to infidels.

(Meanwhile the Head of Center has come on the scene)

Head of the center: Tell him we will search for his goat. (Turning to his staff) Did we do a check on this guy before sending him in space?

Staff member: Yes we did all the checks but we could not get his medical records. The doctor refused to give it to us.

Head of the center:  Tell the doctor if he doesn't send the records in 5 minutes , i will shoot him in 2. His time starts now.

(The doctor complies and immediately sends the medical records in an email)

Staff member: Ahh!! I see the doctor has scribbled he has a split personality. He calls himself ROMAKA sometimes but they don't know the trigger which causes him to become ROMAKA.

Head of the center: But we will have to negotiate with him anyhow.

Head of the center: Yes tell him we will get his goat in a day. Tell him to relax.

Robert: You b****ds I want to see her now. Look in to your database. The marines confiscated her when they invaded Texas.

Head of the Center:  OK , What is her name?

Robert: Laila.

Head of the Center: (tells his staff to pull up some photos of goats): OK we got many matches

Robert: Show me all. She is unique. Many matches!! You would have cloned her. You Infidels and your dirty tricks!!

Robert(Looking at the photos): None of them! Did you people eat her?

Head of the Center: No

Robert: Then where is she. my love. 

Robert: Once you get her, put some grass and water in a spacecraft and send her to me.

Head of the Center: What? She will die on the journey!

Robert: And if she does , you know i am going to kill everyone on this spacecraft, starting with myself first.

Head of the Center: Look at these photos from our top secret database. You will surely find her in these.

(They show him the photo slide and he stops on one.)

Robert: My ranch queen, Laila. But who are those?

Head of the Center: Her kids!

Robert: But i was so careful.  Wait! that brute , he must have forced her. Any way i will adopt them. It is not her fault(sob). I shouted at her. She ran outside the fence and they took her away. You infidels invaded texas for oil, u will pay for it.

Head of the Center: Relax!!

Robert: Now send the goat or else i will take this spacecraft and head towards the nearest asteroid. I dont have to look far for them. You know that.

Head of the Center: Yes we will but do you want to send any message to your goat. She must be missing you. Look her eyes are looking beyonfd the green grass. She is looking for you on the horizon!!

Robert: Yes.

Head of the Center: Come closer to the camera. Drop the gun. You don't want to scare her. Do you?

Robert: No, she has been through a lot. (drops the gun). I love you Laila. Don't worry you will soon join me here. 

(Suddenly a fellow astronaut hits a rod on the head of Robert and Robert becomes unconscious)

Head of the Center: Pheww!! I want to eat mutton!! What happened to Robert?

Astronaut: I asked him whether he likes GOAT CHEESE?

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3m Comedy Skits - Spacecraft Hijacked