Songs In Real Life

Songs In Real Life

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Songs In Real Life Comedy Sketch Characters Toya





Toya- I really need to get this algebra down. My test is tomorrow. Peaches can you help me?

Peaches-(I don?t know much about algebra but I know 1+1=2)

Toya- Umm thanks. How is that going to help me with my test?

Peaches- (I wish nothing but the best for you)

Toya- Ughh! (Throws book) Senior year is so stressful

(Trey enter)

Trey- That?s why I just enjoy it. (You only live once that?s the motto)

Peaches- Me too. Have some fun (Cause we like to party)

Toya- I can just imagine what your grades look like?

Peaches- Look noone?s trying to hurt your success we just want you to have some fun too. I think you have Senioritis

Trey- Do you? If you do (Im gone need you to say something baby)

Toya- Yeah I do. I just really want good grades.

Trey- Oh so you?re going to be a (college girl she is the best girl in the world)

Peaches- Well I am too. But Imma have a fun ride (So live your life)

Toya- So what you suppose I do about this test I have tomorrow

Trey- (We?re just ordinary people. Maybe we should take it slow)

Peaches- No, you got this. Stop worrying so much. I can hear your heart beating (Can?t you hear that boom ba boom boom bass)

Trey- (I can hear your heart) Yeah relax yourself.

Toya- You know what ya?ll are right. Thanks!

Trey- (You know I?ll do anything for ya)

Toya- (I don?t know why you love me and that?s why I love you. You catch me when I fall)

Peaches- Of course (I got, I got, I got your back)

(Terry and Bussy enter)

Terry and Bussy- Hey ya?ll

Toya and Peaches-(Welcome back) Where ya?ll been?

Bussy-(I was on my way to school I do'z me, I hopped out the drop grabbed my juicy, I hopped, skipped and jumped past the hoopdies, But, wait I forgot to grab my loose leaf.)

(She grabs paper off table and then exit)

Terry- What ya?ll doing?

Peaches- Trying to get Toya to have some fun

Toya- (Today I don?t feel like doing anything I just wanna lay in my bed)

Terry- Oh no no, You need to enjoy yourself. I remember when I use to let school stress me out but (the old me dead and gone) Oh guess what I almost won that prize money at school. But I just missed it

Peaches- Dang (We could?ve had it all) Well maybe next time. So Toya we?re having a party. It?ll make you feel better

Terry (I got a feeling, that tonight?s gonna be a good night)

Peaches- (Yeah, it?s a party in the USA)

Party Scene

(Everyone is having fun dancing with music loud. Toya gets up out her seat and turns the music off)

Peaches (Please don?t stop the music)

Toya- I really need to study for my Algebra test.

Trey- We?re having fun remember. So (Turn the music up, a little louder yeah)

(Toya turns it on)

Peaches- ( I think Im in love with my radio cuz it never lets me down)

Toya- (sits back down) (I hate this part right here)

(Terry walks over toward Toya)

Terry- Why aren?t you dancing?

Toya- (Tonight I wanna dance for you) but I really need to study

Terry- At the very least you?ll make a C on your test tomorrow

Toya- No I won?t it?s (So hard, yeah yeah yeah) So Party?s over

(Toya turns music off they walk toward Toya)

Peaches- Toya, you said you were going to have some fun

Toya- (I changed my mind) I?m not feeling this.

Terry- You ruined the fun. I could?ve stayed with Bussy

Toya- Well, sorry that I care about my grades

Terry- (I?m so, I?m so, I?m so proud of you) But you?re going to pass (and you know you are)

Trey- Exactly so you need to be more like me (Everyday I?m shuffling)

Peaches- Now come on! You need to be confident in yourself and tell yourself you got this. Come on (Talk that talk for me yeah)

Toya- It?s not that easy. (It?s a hard knock life for us)

Trey- That?s real (I hate sleeping alone, I hate sleeping alone)

Terry- Anyway

Peaches- Anyway. This party was suppose to be for you to get over your stress. Because (Music makes the people dance together yeah). And you just sat down whole time worrying about your test

Toya- You?re right. Let?s party!

(They begin to party and Toya has fun. Party Rockin plays)

Next day.........

Peaches- How did your test go?

Toya- Horrible! I failed! I told you that party was a bad idea

Trey- Dang that?s messed up. Well (Don?t stop believing) You?ll do better next time

Toya-Next time?! Because of you, Peaches and Terry, I have to do remediation

Terry- (Hold up, hold up, hold up) It?s not our fault. We thought you had it!

Peaches- I?m sorry Toya (I gotta break this bad habit) of partying. I never knew I was a bad influence

Trey- I know ( All I care about is money and the city that I?m from) I need to focus on school more.

Terry- Me too!

Peaches- Me three

Toya- Ugh! Next time I?m not listening to yall. I failed a major grade

Trey- (Welcome to the good life)

Terry- Wow Trey, I thought you had a breakthrough, you took 1 step forward and took ten steps back

Trey- No, I did. In fact come on Toya let me help you with your remediation

Peaches- I?ll help too!

Terry- Me too

(Bussy enter and sees all of them knocked out on the couch and she wakes all of them up)

Toya- Oh snap! (It?s 5 o?clock in the morning) Time for school. I have that Algebra Test today

Peaches- Oh yeah (That?s right) Thanks for waking us up Bussy. We would?ve been late

Bussy- You?re welcome

Trey- Today? I thought you already took the test and failed because me, Peaches, and Terry made you party instead of study and then we realized we should focus on school more and were helping you with your remediation

Toya- Trey you tripping! None of that happened

Terry- Yeah it (was only just a dream)

Trey- Dang!

Peaches- I think that dream was trying to tell you something

Trey- Yeah you?re right. (Look at me now, I?m getting paper)

(He grabs paper)

Toya- Come on get dressed. We have to get to school.

Trey- Coming!

Songs Included

Beyonce 1+1

Adele Someone like you

Drake Motto

Beyonce Party

Timbaland feat Drake Say Something

Travis Porter College Girl

T.I feat Rihanna Live your life

John Legend- Ordinary People

Nicki Minaj- Super Bass

Mario- I can hear your heart crying

Bruno Mars- Grenade

Beyonce- Flaws and All

T.I feat. Keri Hilson- I got your back

Mase- Welcome back

Willow feat. Nicki Minaj- Whip my hair remix

Bruno Mars- The lazy song

T.I feat Justin Timberlake- Dead and gone

Adele- Rolling in the deep

Black eyed peas- I got a feeling

Miley Cyrus- Party in the USA

Rihanna Please don?t stop the music

Lil Wayne- How to love

Beyonce- Radio

Pussycat Dolls- I hate this part

Beyonce- Dance for you

Rihanna So hard

Keyshia Cole- I changed my mind

Drake feat Nicki Minaj- Make me proud

LMFAO-Party Rockin

Rihanna Talk that Talk

Jay Z Hard knock life

Drake I hate sleeping alone

Madonna Music

Journey- Don?t stop believing

Diggy Copy and Paste

Kelly Rowland Bad Habit

Drake- im on one

T-Pain- Good Life/ 5 O?clock in the morning

Ciara That?s Right

Nelly Just a Dream

Chris Brown Look at me now

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Songs that are meant to be sung during dialogue are in parenthesis.

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Yes you may use it
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Sorry Nadya I don't have a mp3 or audio version. But you are more than welcome to use this skit at school. This is meant to be performed prerecordely so whenever it gets to the singing part the music would randomly play and who ever is saying the line will lip sync
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