Snake Catcher

Snake Catcher

(5m)   by Lenard

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John rings the door bell. Rick opens the door.

Rick (surprisingly): Yes? Can I help you?
John: Yes. I'm from the Department of Animal Protection.
Rick: The Department of what? Speak English.
John: I'm the snake catcher, buddy. Somebody asked for a snake catcher.
Rick: Oh yeah, that was my wife. Please come in.

John enters the house after Rick. He brings his bag and snake catching stick.

John: What kind of snake we're talking about?
Rick: Whoa buddy, slow down a little bit. We're not even sure it was a snake. All I saw was a tail. I saw it behind the curtain and some time later it wasn't there anymore, so I assumed it moved.
John: Well wherever there is a tail there is also a....
Rick (interrupts): An animal. For all we know it could've been an elephant. Elephants got tails you know.
John: Hm, where did you see it?
Rick: Right behind that curtain. Right over here.
John: In that case it is probably not an elephant.
Rick: Why? Because of the color of the tail?
John: Because of the size. If it really is an elephant then his disguise is flawless.
Rick: I also heard some noises.
John: What kind of noises?
Rick: I heard some rattling.
John: So you though it was a rattlesnake?
Rick: No, my wife thought it was a rattlesnake. I thought it was a ghost of a little girl with a rattle. And i got really scared.
John: You should be scared buddy. Your IQ is really low.
Rick: What's an IQ?
John: It doesn't matter. Let's see. Snakes like to hide in the corner.

John moves the couch and finds the rattlesnake. He picks it with his stick and puts it in the bag.

Rick: So my wife was right. Who knew. How the hell does a snake get into the house?
John: Through the toilet.
Rick: Oh my god. That is scary when you think about.
John: Don't think about it then.
Rick: Okay.
John: And that's it. All done. Say thank you buddy.
Rick: Thank you buddy.

John exits the house.

Rick: So, we won't look for an elephant?
John: You look for him. Let me know if you find him.
Rick: Will do. Bye snake dude.
John: Bye.

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