Snake and Mouse

Snake and Mouse

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Snake: Can I eat you please? Mouse: Wow! I mean wow! You are so polite!

Snake: Yes, I don't like to upset anyone!

Mouse: If you would have asked for something else I would have given, but like I can't allow you to eat me!

Snake: Is that a NO! (Tears in his eyes)

Mouse: Oh! You are a baby!

Snake: Yes, everyday my Mom feeds me but today she told me to find my own food! I haven't eaten for a few days!

Mouse: Oh my god! You are such a sweetheart!

Snake: OK! Can we be friends?

Mouse: Yes of course!

Snake: Can I eat you now?

Mouse: No!

Snake: But friends do call each other for dinner!

Mouse: No! I don't want to die! Why don't you catch some frog!

Snake: No I prefer eating mice! Whenever I ask someone if I can eat them, they refuse. I am kind but others are not kind to me!

Mouse: Kid! Life is like that! Niceness doesn't get you anywhere! You see the vulture who doesn't leave dead animals sits right at the top!You need to be mean guy to be on the top!

Snake: I know, my Mom says that I am a disgrace for a snake because I haven't ever bitten anyone!

Mouse: Why is that so?

Snake: I believe in non violence! I don't like to back bite anyone and I feel there is enough poison in the society ! I don't want to spread anymore!

Mouse: You are much too enlightened for a snake!

Snake: Yes , my grand ma tells me that my great great ancestor once bit Buddha and so as curse sometimes we have snakes like me in the timeline!

Mouse: So what do they do to snakes like you!

Snake: They get us married early and that takes the enlightenment out!

Mouse: But you seem too young to get married!

Snake: Yes, if you attain enlightenment early then throw you out of the house, just like my Mom did!

Mouse: That's sad, I can't believe it, I am feeling bad for a snake!

Snake: I am so hungry, I will die!

Mouse: Listen here! You need to be mean and tough to survive in this world!

Snake: I can't!

Mouse: Yes, you can, if you set your mind too, there is nothing that you can't achieve!

Snake: No!

Mouse: Have you seen flying snakes!

Snake: Yes!

Mouse: How do they do it?

Snake: Wings!

Mouse: Yes, they set their mind to flying and then one day they find they have wings and they fly! But first is the desire to fly and then wings are created by the desire to fly!

Snake: Your talk is so inspiring! What do you do?

Mouse: I am leader, that group of mice has elected me as their president!

Snake: Wow! Mr. President, so glad to meet you!

Mouse: Listen; if you are dying then die for a good cause!

Snake: What is that?

Mouse: There are many colonies of mice and I want to rule them! What I meant was that I want to show them the right path, which I think that I know!

Snake: How can I be of help?

Mouse: But they have their leaders and other mice which don't want to accept me as their leader! So you can gulp them down!

Snake: But that's violence!

Mouse: It's not violence, you are just eating the mouse that I am pointing to, instead of randomly eaten anyone!

Snake: Then what will happen!

Mouse: It is for a good cause , so the action of you eating a mouse is no longer violence but you are just fulfilling the purpose for which you are born! Everyone is born with a purpose!

Snake: I don't know whether I will be able to do that!

Mouse: Come on! You eat one and then would be easy! I promise you!

Snake: OK! Let's go

(The mouse used the snake to kill all his opponents)

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2m Comedy Skits - Snake and Mouse