Smart Dog

Smart Dog

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Neighbor1: What is the name of your dog?

Neighbor2: Dog

Neighbor1: No, he must have some name!

Neighbor2: Yes, we call him dog.

Neighbor1: That’s the type of animal. He must have some name right!

Neighbor2: I am not his father to name him! His name is dog!

Neighbor1: So, how did it get to own this dog!

Neighbor2: I don't own this dog just like I own my wife and kids, he just follows me!

Neighbor1: Yes and since when this dog started following you!

Neighbor2: I am not sure since when this dog started following me, I can tell you since when I started noticing that he is following me!

Neighbor1: OK! Tell me that!

Neighbor2: But why is that important?

Neighbor1: No its not! Just that don't you think the dog should have a name just like all of us?

Neighbor2: I am not sure either why names are required for us!

Neighbor1: Then how can we identify each other!

Neighbor2: Finger Prints!

Neighbor1: So, how do I call you when you don't have a name!

Neighbor2: The finger print should be mapped to some unique number and then you call that number.

Neighbor1: So the numbers would run to multiple digits and calling would be difficult, names are shorter!

Neighbor2: Well you can always convert the decimal number to a hexadecimal number or something and then you will have shorter number and you can call the people that you interact with like that

Neighbor1: But I won't be able to be intimate with someone having a number!

Neighbor2: Yes, if a drop dead gorgeous girl wants to go on a date and her name is 69, wouldn't you go!

Neighbor1: Yes, I would! But then why doesn't the dog have a number.

Neighbor2: Who said he hasn't. He is One!

Neighbor1: Hello One!

(Dog Barks!)

Neighbor1: So what does One like to do?

Neighbor2: One likes Math!

Neighbor1: So can he,  like do anything with it!

Neighbor2: Yes, he teaches multiplication to bitches!

Neighbor1: No!

Neighbor2: You should look at the number of puppies he has!

Neighbor1: What else he can do?

Neighbor2: He understands that shortest distance between two points is a line.

Neighbor1: Wow! How do you know that?

Neighbor2: He just goes straight and humps the bitch. He doesn't circle around like other dogs!

Neighbor1: Smart dog!

Neighbor2: And you know that when my wife accused me of chatting, he started barking loudly!

Neighbor1: Why?

Neighbor2: He does that because he won't accept anything without proof. Theory is no good for him!

Neighbor1: Wow, so what do you do for living?

Neighbor2: Breathe!

Neighbor1: I mean what’s your occupation!

Neighbor2: I am a Math Professor!

Neighbor1: Nice to meet you, lets catch up sometime!

Neighbor2: No! 

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3m Comedy Skits - Smart Dog