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(Two passengers are shipwrecked and are in one small row boat)
Passenger1: I knew that this ship is leaking.

Passenger2: I thought it?s my bathroom but then I opened the door, a wave came in.

Passenger1: I am dieting and I so didn't eat anything last night and then when I checked my weight it was a pound more.

Passenger2: So the ship must have sunk a bit, bringing us near the center of gravity and so your weight must have increased.

Passenger1: Yes, I was about to say that too! So what's there in the box?

Passenger2: Just some gold!

Passenger1: Show me!

Passenger2: Have you never seen Gold before?

Passenger1: I have never seen someone eating gold!

Passenger2: Gold is not edible.

Passenger1: Yes but I saw you putting your hand inside the box and then you chewed on something!

Passenger2: Yes, whenever I am nervous I chew on my wife's jewelry!

Passenger1: Then where is your wife!

Passenger2: In America!

Passenger1: So you are on honeymoon, all by yourself without your wife!

Passenger2: Yes. I like spending time alone, sometimes.

Passenger1: I want to store something in the box. It might become wet!

Passenger2: Give it to me and I will store it.

Passenger1: It?s a secret! Give me the box and I will store it myself!

Passenger2: No, my wife doesn't like anybody looking at her jewels

Passenger1: That?s a strange woman! She doesn't like anyone looking at her jewels!

Passenger2: Yes, when she isn't wearing it! And today want to look at her jewels and tomorrow you might ask for the clothes she wears! You are a perv!

Passenger1: OK! I promise you, I won't open the box! Just hand it over to me, you might be tired of carrying it!

Passenger2: No I am not!

Passenger1: You have food inside it! Right!

Passenger2: No!

Passenger1: Liar! You were drowning and I saved you!

Passenger2: You saw the box and when you pulled it in, I was below the box and I jumped in.

Passenger1: But I saved your life!

Passsenger2: Thank you!

Passenger1: I have not eaten anything since the ship sank!

Passenger2: You should fish then!

Passenger1: There are sharks in this water!

Passenger2: Well then when you trap a shark you can share with me too!

Passenger1: I know you have food inside the box. Give it to me now!

Passenger2: No. Over my dead body!

Passenger1: Then so be it!

(When the rescue found the boat, it saw two dead people and box full of biscuits)

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Submitted by Ami (not verified) on Sun, 04/20/2014 - 11:39
Absolutely AWFUL!
Submitted by djlivinlife on Sun, 02/01/2015 - 05:01
may I use your script please
Submitted by bkuniverse on Sun, 02/01/2015 - 12:30
@djlivinlife20 Yes please
Submitted by Logan (not verified) on Sat, 07/02/2016 - 17:31
Can I use this for a YouTube video

1m Comedy Skits - Shipwrecked