sean og o'taliban

sean og o'taliban

(1.5m)   by gritt brewer

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when first i saw his fiery eyes, they burned like the fires of hell

as he stood proud and called aloud, death to the infidel

ah yes happy memories, when we had our first date

twas on a club eighteen to thirty, in the Islamic state

he shot at me for immodesty, but it was only a flesh wound

when he learned my surname was De Burca, he beckoned and i swooned


oh but i love him, he is my darling man

a gra mo chroi, eternity, Sean Og O'taliban


ah Sean Og you handsome rogue, i called in hope of a kiss

i wanted fun, but he gave me mental, my brooding fundamentalist

silence he said, as he kicked my head, you must know your place

how it stung, as he cut out my tongue, and used it to lash my face


to win back his affection, was paramount for me

so i bought a see through hijab, at a Ann Summers party

the minute that he saw it, he was hopping mad

and made me the subject, of his next jihad


then one cold dawn, i lost my Sean, in a manner sad and sinister

he was landed on, by a carpet bomb, think it was a axe minister

but now I'm grand, found a new man, a real nice piece of ass

a explosive young lover, who goes by the name, Donal Og O'Hamas

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a lovely Irish love ballad with some of the Irish language thrown in

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1.5m Comedy Skits - sean og o'taliban