Robert and Dracula

Robert and Dracula

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Robert: I have a sexually transmitted disease!

Dracula: Oh! All those films that you see! I am old fashioned and I just want your blood!

Robert: But these diseases get transmitted through blood!

Dracula: Jesus! I am already dead!

Robert: But still you should take care of your health!

Dracula: Why?

Robert: Who is there for you in the old age?

Dracula: I don't need anyone!

Robert: Yes, everyone does! Have you heard of!

Dracula: What’s that?

Robert: It's a dating site and I work for it!

Dracula: I don't want to go on a date!

Robert: Why not?

Dracula: I get all the blood I want by organizing blood donation camps; I don't need dates to get blood.

Robert: So why don't you go there today also!

Dracula: No I ran out of stock and I am hungry!

Robert: Listen, you leave me and I will create a profile for you on

Dracula: No I don't need it. Now get ready to die!

Robert:  Listen; there would big fat women for you!

Dracula: You are kidding me right! Women maintain so much, they go to gyms nowadays!

Robert: No, you just put your profile and any big fat woman will go with you on for a date!

Dracula: Really!

Robert: And no one cares whether she returns home or not!

Dracula: Why?

Robert: Because they make other people's life miserable by telling about their misery!

Dracula: You seem to have got all the experience! I have lost touch with the world since I bit the postman and paper delivery boy!

Robert: So let me take a snap!

Dracula: You can't take my snap. I don't come in snaps!

Robert: Oh! That’s how I missed you in all the photos!

Dracula (smiling): Yes!

Robert: No problem I will bring a sketch artist and he will draw a sketch. That will make you more mysterious and many more women would want to date you!

Dracula: Cool!

Robert: So let me go!

Dracula: Ok! I need a substitute!

Robert: OK, let me call Wendy McDonald!

Dracula: Who is that?

Robert: That corpulent woman who works in Burger King!

Dracula: Ohh! Yeah!

Robert: It’s her birthday today! I will tell her that there is a surprise!

Dracula: You are so funny!

Robert: We call it dark humor!

Dracula: Isn't that racist!

Robert (winking): Let’s ask Wendy! I told her that I need more fries and she refused! No one refuses Robert!

Dracula: Robert, you are doing so much for me! Lets be friends!

Robert: Friends!

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2m Comedy Skits - Robert and Dracula