Resident evil is Gay pt1

Resident evil is Gay pt1

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During the usual Resident evil scenerios,the members of the los Illuminados decided to hold group meetings to decide what to do about the badass Leon,the American agent who seems to be killing off all of them with ease

In a random castle in Spain:
Lord Saddler:Hello everyone!Today we have called upon this group meeting to address certain issues.The American hostage chick,that 1 spanish dude & the death of our beloved Fran
Villager 1:Damn the American!damn him for killing Fran
Villager2:yeah,who does he think he is....killing Fran & rescuing the American chick
V3:Why does he hate us soooo!
Saddler:I gave up trying to figure why bro
V4:It's because we're gay.
V1:That does make alot of sense
V2:didnt he say we're possessed zombies or eish like that
saddler:I keep trying to call him & tell him that we're not a cult.We're just a Gay Aids colony!
V3:Did you try his cellphone?
Saddler:WHY would he get coverage in the middle of a forest in spain?
V4:i've been meaning to talk about us getting cell phones...
Saddler:SHUT UP!!knock it off.haaaaa i'm having a period & ran out of pads
V1:Fran had most of the pads*sniffle*why did Fran have to die!!!
V4:shut up you fags
V1:hey just bcoz we have Aids does not mean we're gay!
Saddler:Yeah.Im a chick!meeting adjourned!meet back here in an hour when half of us dead to discuss the loss of Fran,the giant fish
V1:FFRRAAANNN....we shall miss you Fran...the giant fish
V4:Fran's a fish???

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Comedy Skits - Resident evil is Gay pt1