Remember When...

Remember When...

(1m)   by zach_baumer01

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Person Number 1- Remember when we had blocks of wood for toys in 1934, right Toby?

Person Number 2- We had dirt for toys and my name is Joey.... I think? Or is it Billy Bob Sr.?

Person Number 1- Ya anyways.... remember when my cat Bobby I think his name was ya i'm pretty sure but remember when he made you fall off the hay loft of my barn. Ha ha ha.

Person Number 2- Um it was my cat and you fell off of the barn... then you could not remember squat after. That's when you went in this hospital then you got lost and walked out. WAIT I FOUND YOU!


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For the people who think they forget a lot. Your Welocme!

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2 Person 1m Comedy Skits - Remember When...