Rabbit Confusion

Rabbit Confusion

(1m)   by gritt brewer

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scene from a pet shop

shop owner: can I help you sir?

man: I would like to buy a rabbit

shop owner: any particular sort of rabbit?

man: a nice meaty one I suppose

shop owner: a meaty one. tell me sir did your children request that you get them a meaty rabbit as distinct from a fluffy one with loppy ears?

man: I don't have children. the rabbit is for myself, do you have one prepared?

shop owner: what do you mean prepared? prepared for what?

man: killed and skinned of course, I wouldn't have the stomach to be doing that

shop owner: this is a pet shop not a butchers

man: no butcher in this locality sells rabbit so it seems you have inadvertently cornered the market

shop owner: these animals are pets not meat

man: pets are meat but lets come to a compromise. you must have a rabbit with a gammy leg or a missing ear that you cant sell. after all its a business you're running not a retirement home for gimpy rabbits

shop owner: you want a rabbit, there's fields full of them. go catch one of them

man: you must be joking. have you seen the state of most of them? they stand there shaking from some disease farmers inflicted on them oblivious to the world around them. let me put it like this, if I wanted to sample human flesh I would source it in posh neighborhoods. I wouldn't eat a junkie from the wrong end of town. you have posh rabbits, the fields are full of junkie ones

shop owner: you are not getting one of my rabbits

man: okay suppose I buy two and promise not to eat them and just eat their offspring

shop owner: no sir that's not happening

man: what about some sort of surrogate arrangement?

shop owner: please sir can you just leave the shop, you have gone too far.
I cant believe I sold you twenty eight goldfish last week, I assumed you had a pond

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I like rabbits and I would never eat one from a field

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1m Comedy Skits - Rabbit Confusion