Psycho Boy: Lunch Box

Psycho Boy: Lunch Box

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Cops: Why?

Boy: It was all their fault.

Cops: You were a nice kid.

Boy: Yes even they knew that.

Cops: So?

Boy: Everyday they said it.

Cops: Did you tell your Dad?

Boy: Yes , even I told my Mom.

Cops: Then.

Boy: My Dad said take it easy. My Mom said that it is good for me.

Cops: They did what was best for you.

Boy: Do you think so after all this?

Cops: No. I mean they never thought you would do something like this.

Boy: Yes , I mean I warned them. They just laughed.

Cops: They are kids just like you. What you all are just 15?

Boy: I am 14 , I was the youngest.

Cops: So what happened  yesterday.

Boy: I shot at their legs. 

Cops: Where did you get the gun?

Boy: My dad is a cop too.

Cops: We know.

Boy: So can't you figure out.

Cops: So you took his gun.

Boy: Of Course.

Cops: And kept in the lunch box.

Boy: Yes. My Mom packed my lunch box as usual.

Cops: And you threw it.

Boy: Yes and put the gun.

Cops: Yes. Were you planning to use it.

Boy: No I meant to sell it.

Cops: What?

Boy: Look at my size. I am 160 pounds , if I am skipping my lunch or rather throwing it away. I would have something important.

Cops: And then?

Boy: The teacher announced the break.

Cops: Did you approach them?

Boy: No they came to me and I knew they would again mock at me. They would again humiliate me and I was ready.

Cops: What happened?

Boy: Robert, Steve , Bradley and the Tomboy Stella came again to display their sense of humor. I shot Robert on his leg , Steve on his hand, I missed Bradley
and Stella , she was so pathethic that I didn't want to waste the bullet.

Cops: All because they said?

Boy(Mimicking): " Look what has Peter brought today in lunch. Let us guess, Apple, Chicken Sandwich and Cream Crackers. Ha Ha Ha!!"

Cops: So what?

Boy: They have been doing the same for past one year.

Cops: You are under arrest.

Boy: Arrest my Mom for packing the same lunch and my Dad putting Apple in my bag every day. I mean , this should be a lesson for parents who pack same food kids and people who think they have a sense of humor.

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5m Comedy Skits - Psycho Boy: Lunch Box