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Boy: My wife always complains to me about how I asked her to marry me in a Walmart, but truthfully I think it was perfect timing.

Boy: Will you marry me?

Girl: Are you proposing me?

Boy: No, it is just a question. I am not proposing anything. Why would I propose anything it would just get turned down . Remember that time I proposed moving the TV across from the toilet, you turned that down..,the Saturday night movie proposal .. you turned it down too..

Girl: No, I am not going to marry you.

Boy: May I ask the reason?

Girl: You are not romantic.

Boy: Well I can't think of romance if you don't say yes.

Girl: See, that is what I meant. All you can think of is yourself..

Boy: Yes , I know, but that's why I'm on my knee, I could be wrong. Maybe I saw a penny on the ground. Oh there it is

Girl(Giggling): That's the most money you have. But no, you should go live alone with your mother. Why do you need me? Tell me.

Boy: I never said I did. But you don't need me that is obvious.

Girl: No that is not true you are just not romanic, like at all.

Boy: What about that time I gave you a fish for your birthday.

Girl: You mean the one that was dead when you bought it.

Boy: It was still alive till you flushed it down the toilet. And I was trying to be romantic.

Girl: That's is nowhere close to romantic that is murder. If you are so romantic then show me.

Boy:How? You tell me and I will act accordingly.

Girl:That is not romantic.

Boy:Then what is romantic?

Girl:You need to figure that out yourself.

Boy:Will you marry me then?

Girl: What has happened to you? Why are you talking of this right now in WALMART?

Boy:Well the other day you told me I am not spontaneous. That I actually plan things and execute them. So I thought the minute I think of marrying you I will pop you that question wherever I am instead of taking you out for candle light dinner and then asking you the same question.

Girl: So YOU are PROPOSING me?

Boy: No it is just a question. You don't have to answer it. I don't want you to turn it down or have a discussion about it like like you do on all my proposals.

Girl: Honey!! this is a different type of proposal. This is a romantic proposal.

Boy: Not in a MAN's world.

Girl:Just admit you are proposing me and I might say YES.

Boy: Okk!! I am proposing to you only because you said so.

Girl: Damn!! Why did you say the last part? No I am not going to marry you. I would be happy to be your widow without marrying you.

Boy: That is not possible. You can't be my widow without marrying me unless it is some immigration scam.

Girl: You know you also LACK the sense of humor.

Boy: And you lack a husband right now

Girl: What? I am going.

Boy: Wait but we came in my car? You can't walk all the way

Girl: Who is going to walk? (Turns to a guy). Would you drop me home for two dollars and a kiss on the cheek

Another man: Sure thing!! It is like winning a jackpot without buying the lottery ticket.

Boy: Wait!! (Bends on his knees). Will you marry me? I can't live without you.

Girl: Of Course!! Honey!! I will.You are proposing me, right?

Boy: I'm pretty sure.

Girl: I hope I didn't make you feel insecure.

Boy: No. not at all I just felt like I was being interrogated.

Girl: Well that's your fault.

Boy: No it isn't it is yours because you hate me.

Girl: Hold up a second why would I marry you if I hate you.

Boy: That for you to figure out.

Girl: Oh and by the way my family doesn't like you, but that is beside the point so lets go.

Another man: So do I still get the kiss


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