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Prisoner1: Hey!! How did you land up here?

Prisoner2: I am innocent.

Prisoner1: Welcome to InnocentLand. Everyone is innocent here. Only the law is guilty for any prisoner as a matter of fact.

Prisoner2: No really, I am innocent. My twin committed the robbery and they picked me up.

Prisoner1: So is he really your twin?

Prisoner2: Yes. Why?

Prisoner1: Are you sure? Some people just like in movies they have a split personality. So in your case , maybe you unknowingly went and robbed the bank and then sat down to have dinner with your family unaware that it was you  who gunned down those innocent people. You see what I am saying!!

Prisoner2: No it was my twin. How did you land up here?

Prisoner1: I was selling drugs.

Prisoner2: So you are guilty?

Prisoner1: No, I mean selling drugs is not legal and thats not my fault. They never asked me before drafting the law. I object it on moral grounds.

Prisoner2: Moral grounds! Where did you sell them?

Prisoner1: Near the school of course! The students are the most stressed. They can't drink alcohol or drive.  So I thought it is humane to sell it there.

Prisoner2: You are a monster!! You are making them addicts.

Prisoner1: They are already addicted to a lot of things. One more addiction won't hurt! I only accept cash and so the students learn the value of money.  They learn that they need to work to get that money as they just can't swipe a card and forget about it. We make sure they understand that it is not good to take anything from us on credit for long. We are making them responsible citizens.

Prisoner2: You don't realize the seriousness of the offence you did.

Prisoner1: You don't realize what you missed in your school.

Prisoner2: What?

Prisoner1: A man like me selling drugs! I bet your twin had drugs and you got beaten.

Prisoner2: Yes , how do you know?

Prisoner1: I guessed so because the way you hate drugs. No one hates drugs. It is only government telling you it is bad. Politicians take them , sportsmen take them and if there is anything common today between law enforcers and law breakers  it is the habit of taking drugs.

Prisoner2: The rate of suicide and other mutltitude of problems are due to drugs.

Prisoner1: They are due to bad parenting. There is a supply because there is a demand.

Prisoner2: At such young age children don't understand a thing.

Prisoner1: If they are mature enough to be parents then why not let them make decision about having drugs.

Prisoner2: Don't you see you are adding to the problem instead of solving it.

Prisoner1: Do you believe in God?

Prisoner2: No.

Prisoner1: You should and you know what , the shamans used to take drugs and then hallucinate. In their hallucinations , God used to guide them. Through drugs we introduced God to mankind and saved our skin or else we would not have survived.

Prisoner2: So you sell outside church too.

Prisoner1: Yes , I attend Church regularly and have a good client base there. Why do you think the priest is so charged up?
And imagine a person getting crucified and not feeling a thing. Drugs!!

Prisoner1: This is not a way to solve our problems.

Prisoner1: Ok! you solve it. Mr Bank Robber. Assuming what you said is all true , Would you not want your twin to take drugs and commit suicide instead of robbing a bank. You are here because he committed a felony.

Prisoner2: That is enough. Lets sleep!!

( Next day when the guards came they saw the Prisoner2 dead, upon being asked Prisoner1 said " My twin killed him")

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