Pretty, Pale, Princess

Pretty, Pale, Princess

(4m)   by eangtalks

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C= Claire

P= Paris

G= Gianna

M= MaKenna

(scene takes place at P's house. Girls are sitting and talking)


C=  Why am I here again?

M= To talk....

G= About what?

C= I want to know too...

P= Well, the school talent show is coming up and I thought we could plan something to do together.

M= Keep talkin

P= Well, I wrote a play and--

G= (Interupting) Oh boy...

P= Well, as I was saying, it is about a vampire princess, who is searching for a prince that she can make a vampire too.....

M= Yeah.... I've got a comment.

P= Yes, MaKenna?

M= That... is..... so.... STUPID!!!!

P= Well, at least I don't write in my diary about my "dream man"

M= **Gasps** Don't you talk about Billy-Bob that way!!!

G= You guys are rediculous.

M= I'm sorry.... I didn't hear you.... What did you say?

G= Oh nothing.... Nothing at ALL.

M= Hmph!

C= Girls, girls... You're both pretty! Now, SHUT UP!!!!

P= Well anyways, I know the perfect person for the role of Kristen!

All= Who?

P= Claire!!!

C= Huh? No way! Nuh uh! You expect me to be a Pretty, Princess?!

P= Uh.... Yeah pretty much.

C= You're out of your mind!!!

P= Well, Kristen has to be pale, and you are VERY pale.

G= Yeah..... you are.

C= Never!

M= Please!!! First place wins $1000$!!!! If we win, we'll all split the money!!!

G= Please, Claire? Pretty please? With a sweet strawberry on... top of... a delicious.... fruit... smooooooooooothie..................................?

C= Well, that does sound good.

G= Yeah.... I'm gonna go get one..... you guys wanna come?

All= Sure!

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I had some fun, writing this script... uh... I hope you like it and there will be more coming soon.... if you would like to use this script, please contact me... also could you give me the credit? And if you're posting it onlin, send me a link... I'd love to see it!!

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Submitted by Debra (not verified) on Fri, 08/02/2013 - 01:42
I would like to use the skit for a family reunion talent show

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