Prank Gone Wrong

Prank Gone Wrong

(6m)   by Lenard

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Dan is sitting on a sofa in his house. His cell phone rings.

Dan: Who is that? Let me check.

Dan: (looks at the screen) What the fuck?

Dan: (with disbelief) This is my phone number calling me. How can a phone call itself? It's impossible.

Dan: I better answer. Hello, this is Dan, who that?

Voice on the phone: This is Dan.

Dan: You have same name as me.

Voice on the phone: I am you.

Dan: What?

Voice on the phone: I am you. I'm calling you from the future.

Dan: Oh I see now. It is me from the future calling myself in the past, pardon present. That's why the phone number is the same.

Voice on the phone: Exactly.

Dan: Well that explains it. I thought I was going crazy for a moment.

Voice on the phone: No you're not crazy. It's me, I mean you.

Dan: Sheesh. That's a relief. Now that we got that out of the way, how can I help you?

Voice on the phone: I'm calling to warn you. The end of the world is coming. We have to be prepared.

Dan: What, a nuclear war?

Voice on the phone: No, it's some planet that is going to hit us on December 21st.

Dan: What, December 21st of 2012?

Voice on the phone: No, in 2032.

Dan: Well I've got some time then.

Voice on the phone: Maybe from your point of view. The future you has got only days before we're hit.

Dan: Oh, my god. Maybe I can do something about it. What is it look like?

Voice on the phone: Well it's big and round.

Dan: Let me write that down, big and round, okay. How far is it from the earth?

Voice on the phone: Pretty fucking close. I can see the mountains on it.

Dan: Are the people panicking? Are there riots on the streets?

Voice on the phone: Not really, I mean there is no reason to panic, it's certain death for everybody. A lot of people are just going to kill themselves right before the hit. 

Dan: They're just going to shoot themselves.

Voice over the phone: No, there are those suicide pills that you can by everywhere now. They're half price this whole week.

Dan: Finally some good news. Let me tell you what I'll try to stop this planet.

Voice on the phone: No, you cannot stop it. But you can change your life, enjoy the rest of it.

Dan: Don't you think it's a little early for that. I still have 20 years till impact.

Voice on the phone: 20 years go by fast. You should start enjoying it. Oh and you should hook your

friend Tom up with that hot cousin of yours, Vanesa, they'll look so nice together.

Dan, Tom, my neighbor?

Voice on the phone: Yes, he'll become your best friend in a distant future.

Dan: Speaking of Tom, your voice sound a lot like his.

Voice on the phone: Nonsense, my voice and yours are the same, remember?

Dan: You betcha. So, in the future you can call somebody in the past.

Voice on the phone: Sure, you just type in time and date and hit call.

Dan: And you kept the old number?

Voice on the phone: Of course, I kept the card, there is a lot of numbers on it. I just bought the new phone.

Dan: Wow that's pretty cool. About that planet, didn't we try to take it down?

Voice on the phone: Yes our whole nuclear arsenal is gone, we fired every projectile into it, Russians too, but it

didn't help at all. Even North Korea fired a rocket.

Dan: What, it actually flew to the planet?

Voice on the phone: Yes, it hit it and it went "blop", but it didn't do much damage.

Dan: Damn those Koreans are not kidding. Gotta warn the president.

Voice on the phone: Listen I have to go.

Dan: Will I hear from you again?

Voice on the phone: I already called you before.

Dan: No you didn't.

Voice on the phone: I mean I called you in my past but to your future, you'll receive those calls later.

Dan: Wow don't tell me what we talked about, I don't want to screw up the flow of time.

Voice on the phone: All right gotta go, bye.

Dan: Talk to you later.

Voice on the phone: Talk to you earlier.Haha, get it?

Dan: Got it. Funny. Hang in there.

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Submitted by Tay...? (not verified) on Mon, 06/25/2012 - 09:23
This is stupid...
Submitted by wyatt (not verified) on Wed, 07/18/2012 - 19:17
wtf! it is good but what is with the ending and the word fuck!
Submitted by Jacob (not verified) on Thu, 08/16/2012 - 12:40
can i please use this script for a youtube video but change it a bit
Submitted by Lenard on Fri, 08/17/2012 - 04:09
Sure man just send me a link afterwards.
Submitted by 4dtoast on Fri, 08/31/2012 - 02:34
I think it started good but the ending sucks (my honest opinion)
Submitted by Dozz on Tue, 04/29/2014 - 10:51
I really like the creative thing genius about this dialogue. I think it is stimulatingly funny and entertaining. The length is perfect. I do believe the ending could have been witty and funny like say a close friend of his set him up to this prank big time based on things his friends knew about him of sorts. I really like it. I see you've got lots of stuff on here and many comments are as far back as two years ago. Keep up the good work and collect in all and put out a book. Have a read on my scripts and let me know what U think. U could ass me as a friend as well. Peace! Dozz
Submitted by Lenard on Wed, 04/30/2014 - 09:29
Thanks for the kind words. Maybe you're right, maybe I should put a book out, because I have much more material in my head, but unfortunately right now I don't have time to put it down on the paper. Peace.

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