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Pig1: I eat everything

Pig2: You should be picky

Pig1: As in, pick my nose!

Pig2: No I mean you should diet, you are becoming fatter

Pig1: So what? This is all healthy fat.

Pig2: Healthy Fat!

Pig1: For a pig, all fat is healthy.

Pig2: I don't think so. You are not able to run as fast as you could.

Pig1: Look dear, we are in this place were the farmer's family feeds us. We don't need to run.

Pig2: And do you know why he feeds us?

Pig1: Yes, he is going to eat us up one day!!

Pig2: Exactly!! So let us escape

Pig1: Where?

Pig2: In to the wild

Pig1: And be eaten by other animals and that is if we find 'The Wild'

Pig2: So what's your plan?

Pig1: Eat and lie in the mud. Enjoy till I live.

Pig2: Look they are going to kill us all.

Pig1: It is better than dying of old age.

Pig2: No I want to live and see my children have their own family.

Pig1: "Desire is the root cause of suffering", I ate one book about Buddha one day and in that book this sentence was written.

Pig2: Maybe it was for the author of the book, but for me the root cause of suffering is that
I am going to be butchered soon.

Pig1: That is the desire to live and that is the root cause of your suffering. Just live in the present, that’s what all pigs do. You are different, were you with humans for a long time.

Pig2: Yes actually I was a pet in a house and was in contact with the humans only. It is only when
I grew up I saw another pig.

Pig1: So that is your problem, associating with humans is a sin for all animals. Dogs live with humans and are neutered to begin with. That’s what you get when you are with them.

Pig2: No; humans are the most intelligent of all species.

Pig1: Look, humans define intelligence in terms of problem solving. We pigs don't have any problem to begin with and so we are more intelligent than them.

Pig2: Look, I don't want to be butchered. I want to live a long happy life. Stop the damn philosophy and tell me how can I escape?

Pig1: Look brother, this philosophy is in place because you can't escape. I wouldn't be here in the first place if I knew how to escape.

Pig2: So what should I do!!

Pig1: Eat and lie in the mud!!

Pig2: OK. Make space for me.

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Can i use thks script
Submitted by bkuniverse on Sun, 02/03/2013 - 15:03
@aishy, you can use it. thanks,
Submitted by The Thoughtful ... (not verified) on Thu, 06/27/2013 - 03:31
May I use this script?

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