Phrasebusters: Breaking the Silence

Phrasebusters: Breaking the Silence

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Phrasebusters: Breaking The Silence
By Nick P
Idea: Basically it?s a parody of mythbusters called ?Phrasebusters?
Characters: There?s the two member?s of ?phrasebusters? Tim and Rob (names don?t really matter) they might wear labcoats (T and R.)
Then there are two extras that fill in wherever needed. (E1 and E2)
Setting: A workshop-like atmosphere with some tools on benches and tables.
Scene 1
Setting: A workshop-like atmosphere with some tools on benches and tables.
E2: ?Welcome back to PHRASEBUSTERS, where the truth is revealed. Today we have a special treat as Tim and Rob set out on a quest to break the phrase ?break the silence?.
T:  ?So today were going to examine the phrase ?break the silence?, now that is harder than it sounds, we don?t want to just STOP the silence. We want to utterly destroy it, Rob?
R: ?Like Tim said, we don?t want to fill the silence; we want to ?break? it, and so we decided to consult with an expert in the field of everything, Wikipedia.?
Scene 2
Setting: The same workshop but with the props organized differently to portray a different location inside the workshop.
T: ?So wiki, what IS silence first of all??
E1:?Silence is the relative or total lack of audible sound.?
R: ?Alright, so how would we go about breaking that silence??
E1: ?Breaking the silence is a 2000 Chinese film directed by Sun Zhou. It was China's submission to the 73rd Academy Awards for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, but was not accepted as a nominee.?
T: ?Ok? But how do WE break the silence??
E1: ?Break The Silence" is the debut and winning single of South African Idols co-winner Jason Hartman.?
R: ?It looks like we?re on our own Tim.?
Scene 3
Setting: Back in the workshop, any configuration of props is acceptable.
In the centre of the workstation are two vertical bricks (or something like bricks) with a white board laid across them both with silence written on it.
T: ?We?ve decided that in order to break something as quiet as silence, we?re going to need something really loud. That?s why we?ve gathered together the lead singer/guitarist from the band Firewind to play along with a recording of his band?s ?breaking the silence?
R: ?John Doe, could you please explain the setup for this experiment??
E2: ?Sure Rob, you see, we have here a physical manifestation of silence obtained from EBay, and over there we have speakers capable of playing the song in concordance with Apollo Papathanasio, the singer who?s over there. The song will play for a running total of one and a half minutes before stopping, at this point we hope silence will have broken.?
T: ?Ok John. Evreyone ready? Five, four, three, two, one. Play.?
E1 plays Apollo Papathanasio, who air bands through the song, as it gets nearer the end and the board still hasn?t broken he leans closer and closer before smacking himself with the board just after the end of the song.
R: ?Well, that was disappointing.?
E2: ?After the first failed attempt to break the silence, the phrasebusters go back to the drawing board, eventually coming up with another stunning idea.?
T: ?I?ve got it; we?ll fight fire with fire. We?re going to get somebody, or rather something, which is just as quiet as silence, but MUCH more deadly.?
T+R: ?John Rambo? Dramatic music cue, followed by lights fading out to black. Play Rambo music.
E1 comes on and stalks the silence with a baseball bat. After stealthily circling it several times. He comes in and smashes it till it?s in bits and pieces. Then when T and R start walking on to the stage he crouches grabs a gun from an ankle holster and spins to shoot both of them. Then proceeds to walk off stage epic-like.
E2: ?And after this shocking turn of events recorded live from our very own studio it is concluded that YES silence can be broken, but only by one man, and that man will the proceed to kill you and every living thing within one hundred miles of you. Wait a second?.my office is right above the studio. Ohhhh damn??  Gunshot is heard fading into silence.

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I wrote this because I was bored, i may or may not use it for a High school drama assignment next year so I'd appreciate any feedback.

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